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Is God real

1. Do you believe God has a plan for you? That he intervenes and will help in someway in your life? Is he omniscience?
2. Is religion mostly based on geography?
3. Is the Bible believable? Is it like most ancient Greek religions?
4. The Bible is full of contradictions.
5. Is God a loving God?
6. Do u believe that God does not cause disasters to happen but instead he allows it?
7. Is God sinless? Is killing a sin?
8. Am I responsible for my father's or ancestor's sin?
9. It's sexist.
10. Someone who never heard about Jesus would go to hell
11. The Bible is full of terrible stories that are very related to God.
12. There is absolutely no evidence of god
13. Big Bang.  0=1-1
14. And lastly, babies go to hell

1. If you believe so, then your God is not a just God. If God planed who you were going to be the son/daughter of and knows everything u will do, you have no true freedom; he decides who goes to heaven and hell without you actually having a choice. Example, today I saw this kid eating ice cream on my way home and it made me hungry so I decided to buy ice cream....If God didn't send that kid, I wouldn't have bought ice cream, but since God did send the kid, I ate ice cream. It appears I had the choice but all along God knew my future with and without the kid. If God didn't allow this or that thing to happen, you wouldn't have been saved, and since he knows the future, he is making you do what he wants and chooses.
2. Yes, it is. Ex if I was born in Africa I would most likely not be Christian. If I was born in Spain, I would probably catholic.
3. The old testimony is extremely unbelievable. It is also very much like Greek beliefs. Ex greeks used stories that explained things: why animals are like they are or why the sun comes up. In the old testimony God punished the snake to where it had to crawl on its belly which explains why snakes do not have legs(Note- why would God punish an animal with no soul that was really just the devil....and why would he punish all snakes for what that one snake did...that's a different story I'll mention later anyways...), and he also punished all humans, "men's days to be numbered to 120 years"....these sounds identical to how other pagan religions are. 
4. (Genesis 1:31 God was pleased with his creation. Genesis 6:5-6 God was not pleased....this also is inconsistent with God being omniscience. ) 
5. 2 Corinthians 13:11 mentions God as the God of love, so following the Bible yes, he is; however, in exodus 4:11 God makes people dumb, deaf, or it leads me to conclude that he is evil (Note, it does not say that he allows Satan but that he ,God, himself makes people like that)
6. Is it wrong for a very strong man to stand by and watch as a weaker man beats up a little kid...who he could easily stop? I think it is just as wrong to stand by and watch as it is to be the one beating the kid, however that is just my opinion.
7. Exodus 32:27 God ordered to kill. (Note- He did not have to kill...If he is all powerful, he could have achieved what he wanted without the murder or hundreds.)
8. 2 Chronicles 25:4 states that Everyman shall die for his own sin. But aren't we all condemned for the sin of Adam and Eve? And how is that fair for us to be punished for their sins?
9. 1 Timothy 2:12
10. Someone who never heard of Jesus would not be able to believe in him and would therefor be sent to hell
11. In judges a man named Jephthan made a vow with God and ended with him having to make his daughter into a burnt offering. (Another story- the flood, Salem, bears and the kids) The Bible is just one big horror story with a strangely happy ending.

People literally let their kids die from preventable diseases because they believe god will cure them if they pray. 
Religion is willful self retardation at best and straight up dangerous self-delusion at worst.

God is mad and punishing us for exactly what he knew we would do.
And while I'm at it, I'm gonna go ahead and thank our him for killing innocent babies.

Of course

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Hell no

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God has done so much for me, so yes.......................................................................................................................

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1. Yes, I believe God has a plan for me and that he is omniscient. We actually do have true freedom, because although God knows what is going to happen, he isn't the one making it happen. Man has freedom.

2. It could be, but take America for example; we have a lot of different religions in America alone.

3. The serpent in Genesis may not have been a literal snake. The Hebrew word for serpent is "nahash", which indeed is a common word for snake, but it also means "to stand upright." Snake could also be a word play, because the Hebrew word for "deceive" is very close to it, and has the same root as magic and divination. So what if the "serpent" was really a spiritual power that appeared to the woman as a bright creature?

God had originally intended for Earth to be Heaven, and man would live forever in harmony with God, but since man sinned, God had no choice but to limit our life here on Earth, that way he could reach the actual Heaven.

4. In Genesis 6:5-6, when God says, "The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time. The Lord regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled," it is different from when he had first created man, because they were not wicked. Now every human is wicked except for Noah, and as you can see, God saves Noah.

5. If you look at the FULL context of that Exodus 4 instead of just looking at that one verse, you will see the Moses is telling God that he cannot be the spokesman for God because he is slow of speech and tongue. God then says, "Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the Lord?" The purpose of this is so that God may show us how he can work through us, and he will use every mute, deaf, or blind person for his glory.

6. God allows it. It is man's fault that sin entered the world, and because of it the world is no longer perfect.

7. God is sinless. He is also a jealous God. Note the first commandment: You shall have no other Gods before me. Also note the second: Thou shalt not worship any false idols. In Exodus 32:27 when the Levites are given the command to kill, it is for good reason.

8. When Adam and Eve sinned, they brought sin into this world. We are not being punished for their sins. We all have a chance, a choice, to accept eternal life. We don't have to suffer in hell.

9. It is NOT sexist. If you actually read the Bible, you would have read the story of Deborah, who was a Judge of Israel and a warrior. There are also other female warriors mentioned. 1 Timothy 2:12 is about speaking in a church. Being a Preacher. While the Bible does not support the practice of women serving as pastors, numerous passages speak clearly and forcibly to the inherent worth and value of women.

10. Everyone knows of God. The Bible says, "The truth about God is known to them instinctively. God has put this knowledge in their hearts. From the time the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky and all that God made. They can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse whatsoever for not knowing God" (Romans 1:19-20, New Living Translation).

11. Again, if you actually READ the full story, you would get the context here. The story goes like this: Jephthah made a rash vow that if God delivered Ammon into his hands he would sacrifice unto Him whatever came out of the door of his house to meet him on his victorious return. Jephthah likely thought one of the slaves would come out to greet him and be the burnt offering. God took Jephthah at his word, but he was stunned when he saw his precious daughter crossing the threshold to greet him. God answered his prayer and punished him through its answer. (If you read the earlier part of the story, you will realize that Japhthah seems to be a very arrogant man).

12. There is actually plenty of evidence for God if you choose to look at it as such.

13. I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean. But I believe in the Big Bang. I believe that God said, "BANG" and it was big!

14. Uh... I don't know where you got this from, but never does it say in the Bible that babies go to hell. It is actually widely believe that all babies go to heaven because they aren't yet able to understand the truth.

Thank you for your time.

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Great answer, bless you! One thing though, on number 14 you say babies go to heaven, but it was my understanding that they go to limbo, as they are still tainted by the "original sin" (not sure it translates this way in english) but have done nothing to merit hell or heaven. Your thoughts on this?

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I do not believe in limbo. I think that only Catholics believe in limbo.

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It's quite simple.

Look at this logic:

Everything has a cause. (I mean everything has one. Nobody cannot say that something happened without a cause. For example, you tripped. Now, why did you trip? It's because you didn't tie your shoelaces. Not tying your school laces is the case to you tripping)

Next, the Universe had begun. (Everybody has to agree with this. Nobody could disagree with this. For example, the Big Bang Theory.)

This could lead to that the Universe had a cause. (If part A and part B are correct, then part C must be true, too.)

Now, from part C, it could be seen that the Universe had a cause. This cause (of the "Big Bang Theory" if everybody says) could be from God and God itself.

Side: Of course

"God" is real but to think it's just one guy and that it's even a 'he' just makes me laugh,

Fate is a goddess as in any species and any life-form (yes even seahorses) the actual birthing and creation process is always done by the female and always will be. The most superior entity has to be considered higher in effeminate traits than masculine ones. Her direct underlings, however, are most likely 3 to 5 hyper-powered male demigods with very murky physical forms able to transcend time and space but not energy (only she can transcend that).

Beneath each of her 5 men, begins the devolution of the alien overlords and alien civilisations that have hierarchy over different things in reality. I believe that considering the other realities (AKA parallel universes) is pointless as fate is clearly intending each simulation to run in and of itself and its not our place to break her system and try to transcend the reality itself but rather to assist her in seeing what this reality really can do better than the other ones.

Notice how women make a lot less sense than men? Same is for god right? That's another reason it's almost definitely a female being.

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AhuraMazda(4) Disputed
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All I really want to ask is how you know any of this but since that doesn't get to the minimum word requirement I'll ask you to describe your experience of building up this belief

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Can you put in words the last year of your life? I can't.

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The fact that "God" means "The Supreme and Ultimate Reality" refutes your entire argument.

You aren't really arguing against God, only what you see as an inaccurate representation of God. Really, you are more arguing against your own superstitions than God or even the bible itself.

My advice, if you were to choose to take it, is to take a more agnostic stance, and not to presume to know the subject that you are speaking of.

If I didn't have to go to work, I'd give you a more in depth response to the points you brought up. I'll follow up on this later.

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I dont have much time so ill just refute the 1: since God is omniscient he could send us to hell or heaven from the moment we are created but that would be denying us our freedom: so he lets us live our lives and make our choices by ourselves; knowing what will happen in the end doesnt make him choose for us. In your example you seem to forget one thing: God did not send the kid, the kid had a choice to be there or not/ TObuy an ice cream or not etc ... Its just a succession of actions done by people using their free will. Of course sometimes God will directly act: ex miracles, the flood,etc; but it will always be for good, even if sometimes we dont or cant understand it right away (think of it like the butterfly in the chaos theory). Have a nice day

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The being you call "God" does not exist in the way you believe it does. Your God died years and years ago before your faithful "bible", as you like to call it was written. I have stared deep into God's eyes, and she did not like it. In fact she kicked me out of the damn spectrum.

The God I know is a ruthless monster that only made your God to punish you and live an eternal life of pain, we reptilians get to live forever but you will never be able to experience that.

Our true God is all loving and caring, for us of course.

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God is not a human being. The fact that he created us "in his image and likeness does not mean that he is necessarily a human being or a humanoid figure.

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I think the big bang could have been translated as God self-exploiting to create everything we know today.

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I am willing to believe anything, all you have to do is show me the proof of god and I'll believe. There has been no concrete evidence, so I'm not believing.

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I do not mean this to be offensive, and I will always fight for people to have religious freedom, and for the right to worship any god they choose. I personally don't believe in God or Gods, and I truly believe if there is a God, they don't care for us. Religion is a power play, always has been, a way for people to gain power, with threats of hell if they don't follow the church. So no, I don't believe in a god, but I respect people who do and won't bag you for it and no one should.

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A practical answer would be no. The science community does not accept hypothesis that have no evidence supporting as well as hypothesis that are virtually unprovable and irrefutable. Both of which the concept of god is.

A technical answer would be that since it is irrefutable and unprovable, we cannot say. Though anyone who says god is real is kidding themselves since there is no evidence suggesting their claim.

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God is probably as real as Santa Claus...but which god? I think we need to establish that, first. You list a lot of bible stuff, but is the debate limited to that myth?

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Theists make the claim of the existence of a god. This, to me, does not make much sense rationally or spiritually. Nor have any theists produced evidence for a god through scientific means. Therefore I find it unnecessary to believe in a god. Nor would I worship it if it turned out one existed. He seems to be an asshole.

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God is real as real as unicorns, leprachauns and the flying spaghetti monster, there is equal amount of evidence to support either of their existence.

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God is an idea invented by humans to explain the things we don’t understand (such as our creation) and to enforce certain moral values. There are many aspects to the idea of god that suggest he was invented by humans. For example, isn’t it a crazy coincidence that god takes a human form? Of course humans would invent a god in their own image. I bet if pigs invented a god it would take the form of a pig. It also just so happens that god, the creator of this universe, takes a special interest in humans above all other animals. This makes perfect sense if god is a human creation, otherwise its very odd. And why would the creator of the universe care about concepts that humans have invented such as our sex lives and marriage?

It seems to me that the idea of god is a perfect fit for something that came from a humans imagination. He is all powerful, all knowing and perfect in every way (because why not?) and he rewards those who are good and punishes those who are bad (like some kind of dream hero). If we are very good, he will even grant us a happy life after death (because of course we like to imagine we can go on living after we die). Finally, God gives our lives true purpose and meaning (human lives that is) and guides our actions towards something greater.

It seems like there are far too many coincidences for these stories to be real. God is exactly what you would expect to come from a humans imagination because he makes humans special. This is why I believe that god is just that, an idea from our imagination.

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