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Is Israel worth starting ww3 ?Do they "deserve" liquidating 2/3's of the worlds population

Well..are they worth it? In a world where's an EMP WEAPON may bring an end to things we enjoy like Electricity is it really worth losing cell phones, water, Gas, heat and air conditioning, public internet and acess to atm's? I saw a report that said an EMP weapon would mean that in one year 90% of Americans would be dead because of losing food and water and so forth. Should President Obama start world war three to defend Israel at the expense of the nation he was sent to serve and protect.

Damn right they are!

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ISRAEL should be protected at "ALL" costs...period!! Israel has contributed more to the advancement of mankind than all other races put together!

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Yeah, but the video doesn't address how the end of the Mayan calendar ties in to all of this. Will we attack Israel on December 21? Or, since America is not mentioned in the battle of Armageddon, will the little Shiites attack the U.S. on December 21 preemptively, thus rendering the U.S. powerless to wage war?

You could also talk about how 20% of the world's population is Muslim and rapidly expanding and how, if we don't want to be under Sharia law, we need to curb that number. But that this too needs to be tied in to the end of the Mayan calendar and thus, the end of the world as we know it.

I really think we need a unified conspiracy theory that ties them all in. Don't you ;)

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"I really think we need a unified conspiracy theory that ties them all in. Don't you ;)"

A unified conspiracy theory would be so much more easier to handle with. It ought to include everything, Illuminati, McDonalds, Satan, Mr Blobby etc.

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Hoho! The return of Qymosabi! Anyone else miss this guy?

Anyway, Isreal was previously a protectorate of the UK and when we left the nation we didn't sort out the many conflicts that we caused. So I wouldn't complain if our Government felt obliged to help Isreal.

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Qymosabi(203) Disputed
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I am not following your logic. We have given them 2 billion dollars per and the very best of military might so just how long should we feel obligated to more than that? Using that logic African Americans should be treated "far" better than "that". I mean do we "really" owe them any more than we've already given and is it really our fault that they didn't take the temple mount when they got there ? Not taking the temple mount and building the third temple and declaring "all" of Israel to be their own was colossal mistake.

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Axmeister(4321) Disputed
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You are an American. I do not care if you're willing to pour your money down the drain. I'm just saying that I will support the motion of my country assisting Israel.

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You're reading some stupid bullshit first off.

It would take us all of 10 seconds to annihilate Iran if it were that dire. Sure if we send in troops and drones we're talking about a decade and a government that is probably as shitty as the one we displaced, but if it's down to the fate of the world?

We could literally turn it into a radioactive parking lot in a matter of hours.

Iran's not going to do shit.

Their leadership needs to appease a radical bunch of yahoos, so they play along. Israel needs to appease a bunch of angry middle east versions of the redneck, so they scream bloody fucking murder every few months.

It's all bullshit.

Iran's not doing shit that we don't want them to do. Israel is just trying to balance their political donor's interest's of turning the Gaza or whatever into strip malls with what's actually good for Israel, and both use the U.S.A. as a way of keeping everything sort of semi under control.

Want to solve all of this bullshit?

Give Palestine a state exactly like we gave Israel a state, and get the fuck out.

Figure out how to get along or kill eachother, we're done.

Whatever we owed Israel (didn't realize saving someone meant you owed them more) has been paid back 10 fold. They need to quit being dicks about Palestine and just give them their shitty state.

The rest of those backwards religious fucks, if they want to attack Israel fine. Israel is cool. They can handle it.

If it gets too out of control we can push some buttons and blow some of their shit up from a distance.

But we need to get the fuck out of that hellhole.

This is why I love drones.

Drones create jobs and no Americans die.

You don't want drones? Start telling on terrorists. Stop strapping bombs on yourself. Stop shooting up crowds of protestors. Stop claiming land that everyone knows isn't fucking yours (Israel in that last case).

I say blanket the entire middle east in drones.

I want 5 drones for every square mile and not a single U.S. citizen within a thousand miles.

That's what I want.

I like Israel, but their bullshit is getting old. Palestine wants a state, give them a goddamn state and market up and down how you gave them a state and make everyone who wants to blow you up in Palestine look like a douche. Figure it the fuck out douche bags. Or you know what, just move here. We have shitloads of dumb rednecks. We can absorb some more, our blue states will pay for you.

It would probably be cheaper to move everyone from Israel here in fact.

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Qymosabi(203) Disputed
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This is not about weather or not we can in the words of hillary clinton "obliterate" iran. What about the aftermath? What would china and the solviet union do and how would that affect our way of life here in america? Is Israel "worth" WW3?

BTW: i am curious to know why you think a video discribing the effects of an EMP weapon and how it would effect the country we live in.

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Israel will lose a lot of respect if they continue picking fights, they are trying too much to convince the world on empty justifications. Iran leadership is so far impressing me a lot in terms of minding their own business and seeking more innovative ways into the future. Countries not concentrating on their development are jealous and destructive.

I love the old Israel because they were so intimate with God. I know God still has them up for punishment and enslavement if they do not follow his ways. The Bible has been there as evidence but this direction could close the chapter of life on earth prematurely.

Maybe these are the end of days and its all part of the plan. But my opinion, WW3 is the last thing any man or woman would want. no vulgar words to share but this is way out of line.

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Qymosabi(203) Disputed
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Iran should be destroyed. They have threatened Israel long enough and the world cannot sit back and allow one country to openly plot the destruction of another country.

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WW3 will not be sparked over Iran threatening Israel. WW3 will be started over China threatening Japan, in which case America would get involved.

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Israel is just like any other country. They think their religion is the best religion. I think all these holy wars need to stop and it's time for secular reasoning and logic to rid us of all these wars based entirely on superstition.

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