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Is Jesus Faithful?


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I would think so. He doesn't seem ANYTHING like Trump, or vice versa.

There IS some evidence that he possibly had children, though. Certain people try to quash that idea, but, who REALLY knows. I hope he didn't die a virgin, seriously.

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dadman(1701) Disputed
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either way .... you on the wrong side of the Son of God .... Matthew 25:46 .. these (goats) will go away into eternal punishment . . . . but the (sheep) righteous .. into eternal life


03-18-2019 .. false Christs in the end times


four marks of a Hell-bound man

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AlofRI(3287) Clarified
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Wrong side of the son of god? Could be.

I think I'm closer to what Jesus of Nazareth (allegedly) taught, than MANY on CD. I don't have the hate, the racism, and, IMO, the hypocrisy. To bad this "god" wouldn't show up and straighten this "unbelievable mess" out. The one "His" followers have totally confused and turned into a tool of hate for anyone who doesn't believe …. whichever …. :-(

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I have been really mean to Jesus, but He continues to abound in fsithfulness and mercy. I am so in love with Jesus, not in a strange or perverse way, but so in awe of my God. Jesus loves you all.

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