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Is Killing Jews Bad?

I personally hate them. Is it wrong to kill them?


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I hate them. I want them all dead or burnt. They're disgusting and I hate it when they touch me.

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Yes and No

Am sure most people do not want to sanitise their environment to the point it is unhealthy but at the same time want to avoid harm

We live in the tropics where most insects/bugs in our area are not worth bothering about, however some are potentially harmful. Take mosquitos for instance that carry dengue fever and malaria, then there are some spiders that can cause a necrotic skin disease.

Wherever we live we adopt a policy of identifying what insects/bugs are prevalent in our house/area and if they are harmless or harmful. A selective pest removal strategy does the rest.

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Umm. Yes!!! Why is this even a question? I need more characters so.......dsfijalkdsafnvcal;kfdsndkslsvmkna;vnaml

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Killing in itself is bad. So.... who would ever answer no to this question?

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Of course not. And if you take a different approach on spiders (e.g. don't kill them) you may actually not have much of a bug 'problem'.

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I will most likely kill a bug on sight. I absolutely hate bugs of any kind. I also have arachnophobia so the same goes for spiders, no matter what size they are.

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