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Is Kobe the best player in the NBA right now


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Kobe is the best player on the most dangerous team therefore being the best of best makes him the best of the rest

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No in my opinion Lebrons stats are better his teams records better and his supporting cast is not as good.

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no he is not. I believe that Dwyane Wade is the best. He has the best numbers out of both Kobe and Lebron and he has brought his team 29 more wins this season. And his defensive numbers are astounding and his ofensive ones show that he is better than both. And with a supporting cast not nearly as good as the lakers or the cavs i believe he should. But facing reality they will give it to lebron=(

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Of course he's not lebron has much higher stats in every catagorey in the playoff and season, his team has a better record, and he just won the MVP. And if that not enough to prove lebron is beter that Kobe, I don't know what is.

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No he sucks! I like Ray Allen he is the best right now. Dwayne Wade suck too he is too cocky

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