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Is LibProlifer a cyber bully?

I don't even know her and she is calling me a doll and send me a message that she is my enemy. :( I'm new here but don't think I will be staying long with this cyber bullying. It is torture and against my rights.


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She isn't intelligent enough to know how to cyber bully.

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I personally don't care about either of you, but just from someone else's perspective, you're totally the dick in this situation. (I'm just mad, cuz that's my job.)

She's not that great a debater - so what. She's on site that's open to anyone, and maybe she'll learn stuff, maybe she won't.

You cyberstalk every post she makes, create fake accounts, etc. etc.

I know lot's of people know I'm an asshole and when they call me on it, I usually don't care - and I don't expect you to either, but just saying...

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You have a right to your opinion :) stay awesome.

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She is just a stupid woman who antagonises without even any effort or intention to do so.

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So much effort for a complete stranger on the internet.

Just assume I also included the standard pop psychology comments about your psyche.

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You have a right to your opinion :) stay awesome.

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You made this account to copy and make fun of me. .

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PattyPlatano(96) Disputed
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You have no right to lie about me. Reported for slander.

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If you don't want to be made fun of then perhaps you should stop with your blatant buffoonery.

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