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Is Lori Lightfoot a racist?

This question comes on the heels of Lightfoot's decision to completely reject having interviews from reporters that are all apparently white and/or male. She did try to rationalize this as some sort of action to be taken against how white/male she's seen the city hall press corps become. Unsurprisingly this has spurred reaction from more than just a few different groups, as well as others that have come to her defense despite the obvious issue of her decision.

There are more than a few sites covering this issue with Lightfoot, so if you'd like. You're welcome to go and search for a few others along this same vein.


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Unfortunately, I've got to point out that this is nothing but a racist move on her part. It's something that we see and a universal truth, that if you discriminate against someone based on something as simple as their race, that we can easily call it out. Point of interest being is that she called out some sort of racial inequality. Yet she did not seem to notice that the office had multiple female, and even non-white female reporters already.

So it looks more like she's doing something that's just abhorrently racist, and attempting to hide that fact behind some other measure.

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Look out, look out, nomshit is about.


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This undeniably racist stance which is akin to a firefighter trying to-fight-fire-with-fire, or those who fornicate to promote chastity, is also prevalent throughout many sectors of the black community.

Rhetorical question, how can being blatantly racist help to eradicate racism?

Any white person who was so brazenly racist to make a similar ant-black statement would be arrested ( if the darkies didn't get to them before the police ) and tried in court for one of the many pro-black/anti-white laws introduced by the loony leftists.

This racist assertion by Lori Pied-noir is confirmation, if confirmation was needed, that there is no point in trying to placate THE BONGO.

I'm convinced that THE BONGO branched off the evolutionary tree at a different and more primitive junction than whites.

The truth in my version of Rudyard Kipling's quote should therefore be recognised;- that black is black, white is white and ''never the t'wain shall meet''.

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Yes, but racists are people too and they have rights so we have to learn to get along with them ;)

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Yes, and by any standard. She only wants her race present at press conferences. The left will say nothing though because they don't actually care about racism. They care about their Communist gods getting rich and elected.

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