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Is Marriage Really Necessary?


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I think marriage is necessary because I want to get married and have kids when I grow up. Also if I am alone and not married and I need an emergency and I am home alone who is going to take me to the hosiptal? I would get married because just in case if you need an emergency to the hosiptal your wife could take you or when your kids are adults they help you out and take you to the hospital.

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Saurbaby(5579) Disputed
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Marriage doesn't make any of these things so.

You can have a relationship with someone who could do all those things, and you can have children without marriage.

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Srom(12206) Disputed
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I prefer having kids when I am married. It is a sin when you have kids and you are not married. I would prefer being married then living with someone without being married and that is a sin also living with someone before marriage. Once you are married then you are suppose to live with that person and then you can have kids when married. Every Christian person has kids when they are married and lives with ther wife when they are married

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Niko(127) Disputed
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...if I am alone and not married and I need an emergency and I am home alone who is going to take me to the hosiptal?

Either call 911 or have LifeAlert, and the ambulance will come once you call for them. You don't need family to take you places. The hospital has staff for those instances when you are alone, or you could simply have friends to call if you need help.

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pookieaway(6) Disputed
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actually anybody can do that even if they aren't married but i would like to get mariiend too

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Is marriage necessary?

This depends on what you intend the marriage to be used for, and whether or not that thing is necessary or can be achieved by means other than marriage. Bearing in mind that there are quite a few benefits given solely to married couples, I would have to first propose that it is indeed necessary for certain things.

Example 1: If you desire to file joint income tax returns, you will be required to be married. What should then be asked is whether or not it is really necessary to file jointly.

Example 2: If you want to receive a family rate for health or homeowners insurance, the insurance agency might consider it necessary for you to be married. Still, one must first consider whether or not receiving a family rate is really necessary, and also whether it can be procured by other means, such as being a single parent to 3 kids.

Below is a list of possible benefits and rights given to married people. To determine whether marriage is necessary, consider whether the benefit granted by marriage is necessary or can be procured by other means.

On a side note, it is interesting to me how a country such as the US can have a ‘Separation of Church and State’ doctrine, and yet tie so many benefits to a union based on an outdated religious tradition. If there are social and legal benefits tied to the entitlement of marriage, then why deny some people equally beneficial civil unions? Why allow churches to dictate who can be legally married? IMHO, if marriages are given exclusively to certain people, then marriages should be stripped of any legal and social benefits, otherwise it is discrimination by the very definition of the word.

Supporting Evidence: Marriage Rights and Benefits (
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Lol, I already did this debate.

It's not at all necessary. In fact I find it a little stupid. It's like marking someone as territory, and what does it prove? It doesn't make certain anything in a relationship. And it's all about legal shit now.

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Really? Wow I feel a bit stupid now :P

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Lol, don't. It was done awhile ago. :)

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No. Its just a tool people use to make sure their partner doesn't leave them. Think about it what are the pluses to marriage? There are barely any. You can live together, have children, and love each other everyday for the rest of your life's without being married. The only thing that marriage does is link your belongings to one another. So now if you two were to break up, instead of being able to just walk away unharmed, she or he will take half your belonging and most likely custody of your children. Marriage is more of a punishment that can be used later on than it is a special sign of love.

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Is government necessary? Of course not, neither is marriage. It is a indoctrination handed down by generation to generation.

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In reality, this is an opinionated question. And I'm stating no.

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You don't need to marry. Many people stay together but not marry

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1. Marriage make people not feel happy because marriage sometimes make people to give the children and let somethings feel unhappy such as children make unhappy.

2. More pay expensive about take care of children.

3. Can't stay alone.

4. Can't do something anymore.

5. Live with unhappy people.

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You don't HAVE to marry someone. If you want kids, marry. If you don't want to have kids, don't marry. If you want a companion for life, marry. If you don't want a companion for life, don't marry. It's a choice. Unless you're in an arrange marriage, no choice.

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