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Is McDonalds part of a plan for world domination

all they would have to do is slip a deadly drug into the BigMac and we're all dead

or it could just be an innocent guy hoarding a load of cash by conquering the fast food market

you decide.


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This is McDonald's plan...

1) Build fast-food empire

2) Tune for maximum profit

3) Train army of loyal customers

4) Cause health problems

5) Buy up every other fast food joint in the world

4) Slip everyone not eating at McDonald's their death sentence

5) Become the only food supplier in the world

6) Get incorporated into the One World Government

7) Global Government Food Stamps now buy McDonald's food

8) People become unhealthy, must work from home, only eat McDonald's

9) Cow Shortage, no one can raise the cattle because of their health

10) Declare a state of emergency through the McDonald's Party of Earth, assume position of authority on crisis

11) Declare marshal law

11.5) Build state-of the art self-sustaining automated compounds and factories to take over the production of cows via complex machines that are built by the people of the world from their homes.

12) Begin collecting the bodies of the dead (Human) and building over the property they leave behind.

13) End meat shortage [Use human bodies in place of cow, watch profit margin explode]

14) From their homes, the people of the world will not realize the human population falling rapidly

15) Package the second to last human as a McRib, send to last human.

16) Robots and cows inherit the earth.

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As soon as there is a McDonald's on every block they are going to jack up all of the prices. We won't be able to do anything about because we will be too fat and lazy...jk

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Is McDonalds part of a plan for world domination

Yes, they are distracting and fattening all straight people, so that the fags can kill us all!

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This is just ridiculous. How would they kill those who don't eat at McDonald's? I haven't eat at a McDonald's since 2002. Millions are the same.

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I haven't eaten a McDonald's burger in years. I do eat the Chicken Selects, though.

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I read something about it in Wikipedia, but frankly speaking, didn't treat it seriously. As far as i know, smth like this is told about Starbucks , but seriously, it's just a metter of choice.

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McDonald's does not have a plan for world domination. McDonald's just wants to make a profit from their hamburgers sold.

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