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Is Mc.Donalds actually healthy?

I guess this depends on the type of people responding... there are many reasons to support both sides.

No it isn't

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Yes it is

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Is McDonalds "what" healthy - a burger, fries and thick shake or a salad roll....?

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Restaurants need repeat business, and healthy food is just not as tasty. In moderation it won't be unhealthy, but it isn't healthy.

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McDonalds serves junk food ..and junk food is not healthy for us .

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McDonald's contains a lot of different ingredients that you probably cannot pronounce. There is a lot of preservatives and the ingredients are purely disgusting. If you don't believe me, watch the documentary film Super Size Me.

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In my opinion, their food is O.K. Kids love going there and I don't want to see their fun taken away from them.

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