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Is Messi better than Pele


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l think that pele play in diferent time now the game is diferent

is very hard to play there is most great players in the world defenders and nobody can stop messi.And pele says hi scored 1000and more l think that was very litle to play messi in his time hi vill scored 2000 and more let give pele the ball in this time can hi keep the ball 5 min. in his legs in this time l think never hi never paly in evropa now is the REALL FOOTBAL thanks

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never will be as he dosnt have enough skill and he couldnt possibly score 1000 goals

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stmac10(59) Disputed
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Messi doesn't have enough skill? You clearly know nothing about football. Scoring over 1000 goals is amazing, but Messi plays in a far superior league to what Pele did, and still has a pretty astonishing goal record at that.

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A straight comparison of goal records does not tell you which was the better player. Messi is a totally different type of player from Pele. Messi likes to get the ball wide, run at people create gaps and bring team-mates into play, whereas Pele was a target man, a finisher and an out and out opportunist goalscorer.

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Pele is more better for he had already lead Brazil to a World Cup victory before he is 19 unlike Messi, who has not won any at 23 years old. Pele is also known as the best player of all time. He is a great legend

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Everyone who watches football knows that Messi became a really cool football player, but how we can compare these two great footballers? For example Pele played in one time and Messi is still playing. Of course Pele and Messi are great footballers.My opinion is that this comparison is not correct

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