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Microsoft Is Better Apple Is Better
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Is Microsoft better than Apple?

Microsoft Is Better

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Apple Is Better

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yes microsoft is better than apple because it is used widely rather than apple it is accessible to common users and no bonding is there

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Not sure. But I have the same question. I have to buy a new laptop and I am still in a dilemma whether to buy apple or not.

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MIcrosoft has a betteroverall and is used in many of the laptops and desktops today. Microsoft is more helpful towards the enviorment.

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Apple is better as all of the computer parts are made from the same producer, which is good because it will make sure that no viruses can get into the computer, thus decreasing the chance of it crashing. While Microsoft has computer parts made by different developers, like the producer of the computer parts is not the same as the producer of the software, thus viruses can be easily hacked, thus increasing of the chance of it crashing.

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binman13(1) Disputed
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Seeing as you profile picture is of the cross, the word intellectual doesn't come to mind. That argument is an absolute falsehood, you are saying that because the computers can be made with different hardware they can get infected easier. Do you even know how a computer works? A piece of hardware can NOT cause a virus. Your poor grammar aside, your knowledge of a computers core functionality is close to nothing. The final sentence has made me give up hope for humanity, you do realize that Apple does not make the parts it puts in its computers? Intel makes the processors, Nvidia makes the graphics cards, the parts are the same as any other PC on the market. The only reason people get viruses on Windows PCs is because they are stupid enough to download them, there are numerically more PC users, there is more benefit for creating viruses for them. Macs can get viruses just as easily, the problem is that Apple, being the fascists that they are, have restricted nearly all programs from running on their software! In summary, please burn you piece of Apple junk and the rest of your electronic devices while you are at it, you are too stupid to own a computer.

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Ping(9) Disputed
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I think half of my brain just died there.

I'm speechless, I have no idea what to say about your extreme level of stupidity.

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Apple is better because their products are built better and if you own a Mac computer, you do not have to worry about viruses.

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