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Is Nuclear Power the only option to the worlds energy crisis?

Peak Power?
More Nuclear Power Plants (

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Well, if you nuke half of the world population (since those are the ones that are below average) you can reduce fuel consumption by..., wait..., we're not talking the same thing, are we?

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Hey Jesus, you were gone so long I was starting to wonder what happened to you. And now..., here you are, buried (-3 points as of now). I guess they're trying to crucify you again for your position. But I have faith in you. Now go out there and show them that they can't keep a good man down!

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My energy of choice is biodiesel fuel. It emits no harmful emissions and actually reduces cfc emissions already in the atmosphere. it is readily available and extremely cheap to mass produce.

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There are world food shortages already and you want to annex more land for gas guzzlers? The people will starve so they can run their cars.

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altarion(1955) Disputed
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Which is where GMO foods come into play. We have world hunger because of a lack to grow enough food. But the truth is that we don't grow enough food because people would rather starve than accept new farming techniques! GMO foods produces fast growing crops to feed not only the growing population, but leaves enough left to produce fuel for the growing economy.

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pvtNobody(642) Disputed
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Biodiesel fuel is almost more unsustainable than fossil fuels. The current population of humans (6.8 billion) requires arable land equal to the size of South America (spread out across the globe) in order to survive. If population growth continues as it has in 2050 we'll require another Brazil's worth of arable land and the fact of the matter is that land simply doesn't exist (Despommier 82). All that is for food production. No, biodeiesel is a horrible alternative fuel source in that it reduces time, effort, and land devoted to more beneficial pursuits. On the other hand wind, water, and solar energy are much more plentiful, cleaner and cheaper in the long run. Not only that but with the right incentives and public will we can convert completely to WWS power by 2030 (Delucchie and Jacobson 65).

Delucchi, Mark A. Jacobson, Mark Z. "A Path to Sustainable Energy By 2030". Scientific American Nov. 2009: 58 - 65. Print.

Despommier, Dickson. "The Rise of Vertical Farms". Scientific American Nov. 2009: 80 - 87. Print.

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should we really be that centre minded? what about solar power? or just use we used to...we can still do that...showering by candle light is so much fun!!

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bushhaterr(32) Disputed
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the only way that showering by candle light is fun is if someone else is holding the candle :)

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I am definitely not a hippie, but i think we should allow all energy types.







We need the market to do as much as it can to lower gas prices, not just Nuclear power.

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I and we can do alot to change this world and stop stripping it of every natural resource we can get our drill bits on...not to mention nuclear power produces extreme amounts of waste that we dont need to deal with

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MisterGuy(1) Disputed
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Nuclear energy is a dead end that will leave us out of readily available uranium in less than 80 years & with a massive amount of radioactive material that's harmful for around 100,000 years!

Drilling for more of a finite resource (like oil) will only cause it to run out more quickly, and it will leave us only a few decades away from NO new sources of energy.

"The market" is not coming to solve all of your problems anytime soon BTW...

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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The market is the people.

The government is the people.

The individuals are the people.

If people can't solve our problems, who can?

Is it better that we leave it in the hands of the individuals? Let the people decide on what energy THEY wish to use. Not just an elite few (government).

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altarion(1955) Disputed
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Nuclear power hinders more than helps! If you ever look at the damage nuclear reactors have done to this planet. Not just the environment but humans as well. When a nuclear reactor blows up it is devistating to so many living things and I just think that it isn't worth the risk since there are much safer sources of energy that are more reliable and easier to mass produce.

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Nikobelia(106) Disputed
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Like... what, exactly? Wind turbines are easier to mass produce, but they also take up a larger area of land and are 'unreliable' in that they're dependant on the weather. Hydroelectricity is also arguably difficult to mass produce.

The main problem with nuclear reactors is not only the risk of a meltdown - "when [it] blows up - but the highly radioactive waste they produce. Much of this has a half-life longer than ten thousand years: it will need to be stored securely during this time or it will irradiate living things, causing cancer and other problems.

Nuclear power isn't the only option, but the reasons you put forward are inaccurate.

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