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Online school is cool Online school is awful
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Is Online school good or bad?

Uhhh I want to know everyone's different opinions on online school for....research?

Online school is cool

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Online school is awful

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Online school is cool because it enables a student to execute some things along his educational career. For example, a student who wants to begin his football career and also loves to study will find online school helpful in achieving his aim as it will help him to study and chase his football professional career at the same time provided he his determined and focused.

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All I have heard is that kids hate it and are very depressed from being locked up against their will.

Kids need fellowship with other kids. PERIOD!

Data all along has shown that Covid has very little impact on kids, and that kids seldom spread the disease to others. This is the data and facts from doctors, Science, and the so called experts.

Democrats have used Covid to defeat Trump and have used our children to do so. They distort the facts and actually try to blame Trump for the deaths.

It's truly dispicable what the Politics from the Left has become. There is nothing you can believe from the biased Left wing media.

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This guy has point!Everyone read his argument.He is very smart.

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Online school suck!At first it was cool something new.Now I hate it.I have to talk to my friends online.Zoom sucks.If everyone would were a mask and wash there hands this would not be happening.I hate being cooped up in the house.I have an anxiety you can imagine how i feel all day and all night.We should debate about something that is harder.Everyone hates online school!

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