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Is Osama Bin Laden a terrorist or a Freedom Fighter

One of the most contrevercial perople on the planet what do think about him???


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Freedom Fighter

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If he were a freedom fighter then the majority of Muslims would embrace him.

There are no Muslim country where the majority embrace him.

The country that embraced him was Afghanistan but there a minority group was in power and they were the ones doing the embracing.... and look at what happened to them ;)

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I agree, Joe and well put! He may be looked at as a freedom fighter by his rag-tag group of fundamentalist fanatics but that would be the extent of it. He is a terrorist...pure and simple!

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Maybe we can shave his naughty bits once and let him suffer a bad rash as the hair grew back ;)

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Freedom fighters don't fear for their life and hide in caves, while forming a cult and designing a scheme to kill a ton of people. Therefore, he's a terrorist and he's a pussy.

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Cerin(203) Disputed
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Just to play the devil's advocate, if I were fighting the world's greatest military power, I'd be doing it from a cave too. Crazy though he may be, he's not stupid enough to attack modern militaries head-on.

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Osama was living in his country , CIA planned to use him as an arm against USSR , he did what CIA learned him. Secondly nobody like seeing another country armies and forces roaming in his country and truly that what he made him preparing for his own war. US had the biggest base in KSA. He tried to push them out of his country then all the Gulf countries.

I think he is a freedom fighter.

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HGrey87(750) Disputed
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Freedom fighters don't fight man-to-man, and they don't launch sneak attacks?

Then our country was founded by terrorists.

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who's freedom is he fighting for exactly? he wishes to push his religion onto others and is currently not bound by any authoritarian force.

he's actually against freedom. so it makes no sense that he would be a freedom fighter.

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Those who fight for Sharia Law are not freedom fighters, they are authoritarians.

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Yaa I know most of the people hate osama because West media says He is terrosist. He suppose to be the mastermind of 9/11 because they found the passport of laden in rashes of the victom buildings. Persnally I called osama freedom fighter because 97% of media controlled be jews and they are the worst animies of islam. More over if you need any more clues visit.

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He is a freedom fighter to himself. He fought for his own freedom as a right to rule the country.

You could say he's Schrodinger cat - If we open the box, then he's a terrorist. If he opens his own box, he's a freedom fighter.

No view should be neglected, whether it be his or ours.

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