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Is President Obama's Stance on Debt Talks Brave or Foolish?

Once again, Washington is bringing us to the brink of economic armageddon in a battle to score political points ... and probably accomplish nothing. Who's taking the brave stance and who's being a coward?


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The GOP has the power to raise the debt ceiling at any time and are refusing to do so on ideological grounds. "We're not going to let this happen unless people bow to our ridiculous reality denying position that debt reduction must be accomplished with 100% spending cuts only".

You just cave in to that kind of blackmail and it'll never stop. The Republicans are essentially holding the survival of the entire national economy hostage to the economically ignorant fringe of their voter base and it can't be allowed to just go ahead as if that's ordinary politics at work.

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Again, over the last 60 years, despite what level of taxation the federal government has issued on the richest top 1% where in the 1950's it was 92% and today it is 33%, the government only has consumed 18 to 21% of the GDP, yet it is spending 26 to 30% of the GDP. Tax revenue maxed out at 18%, so spending must be controlled. When free people are over taxed, human action and behavior changes, and this is evident.

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Foolish because he made the dept.


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