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Is Russia Today (RT) a Russian propaganda channel?

Is Russia Today, a government-funded Russian news channel a propaganda distributor? This is an example of the negative position held by some: Youtube Video. I'm not sure on this one, but I'd like you guys' opinions.


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I could write extensively, go into incredible detail and speak extemporaneously on this particular question (not intentionally trying to brag) but my time is severely limited so this will be reasonably short and sweet, and to the point.

Russia Today is a propaganda news station, just like every other news station on the planet, no news is completely objective, this doesn't even need stating. In fact, I barely watch any mainstream news anymore, it hurts my head and lowers my IQ, even the news stations I tend to side with on certain issues (i.e. RT, Al Jazeera, the Guardian, etc.).

Russia Today has a particular slant on the news, and it can be misleading at times, but it is no better or worse than the BBC, of this I can assure you. Its just its message is always fairly antithetical to what the West wants you to think on any particular issue. Russia Today has its good sides and its bad sides, but it has quality programming, and it tackles subjects that most western stations wouldn't touch with a 100 foot pole,particularly US networks which are largely deplorable if being relied upon for objective non-biased info., but most Americans like being told what they want to hear and like believing in their own bullshit about the world, although no one else does (the world wised along time ago, not so easy to beleive the US is are the good guys when you're on the receving end of brutality).

This makes it a rather unique in that it isn't as propagandized as we'll say Press TV or CCTV, but it is still well outside the realm of US influence, which cannot be said of most other networks.

However, it's always much better to simply go directly to the source of the info. you are looking (if available), or if you don't have the time then a lesser but still good option is to find an honorable, respectable, and moral journalist whose opinion you trust, this isn't easy, but one prominent example would be Robert Fisk, although there are tens of millions of equivalents all over the world.

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I agree massively on this level. I guess this is why I thought RT was a legit station - but obviously it is not. I could probably say that watching the news station of your country (for me this would be the BBC, the UK government-funded news station) and that of another (RT), you could probably come to somewhere in the middle. I think the debate could have any news channel at the core, and the results would be the same.

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