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Is Russia worrying too much about the missile shields

A missile shield in Poland, any problem?

Yes its not aimed at them

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No they should be worried

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Russia will most probably soon join the EU, they are with us, not against us.

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It may be difficult to find in the the news but Russia has every right to be worried about the missile shield in Poland and the Czech republic. By placing anti-nuke systems along the Russian border America potentially undermines M.A.D and thus removes any deterrent Russia can mount to prevent an American or Western missile attack. Russia with its control of vast oil and natural gas is in a position of power that the United States doesn't like. The US is trying to blockage Russia and diminish its sphere of influence and this is bad. If Russia were to build a missile shield in a country such as Cuba and then say that its true purpose was to defend against rogue South American countries would we believe that? Americans would be worried and angry and yet we are doing the same thing to the Russians.

A good article on the matter is on Dissident Voice: "Demonizing Putin: The Summit in Kennebunkport" -

It is important to find the motives for such actions by the US because not everything is as the US news says it is. If America wanted to build a shield that would defend against rogue states why doesn't it build one in Israel, an ally that is surrounded by potential enemies?

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