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Is Santa real????

Are our kids right????


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I already told the kids that I'm sick and tired of hosing down reindeer poop from the driveway every year and that I told Santa not to come this year. They told me Santa isn't real. So what the hell have I been hosing down the gutter?

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Well, St. Nick is real... Santa Clause is just his legend.

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Yea, what he said. Santa Clause was an invented alter ego to Saint Nicholas... I think, by the same people that invented the Easter Bunny (The Pagans). The Pagans sure knew how to start up some fairy tales...... what if they wrote the bible?!

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There is some historical evidence that santa was a real person, kind of like robin hood...

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well at least I hope so. although buying presents is a great deal of work I guess I can rule that out;);)

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Well ya who else would put the presents under the tree? our parents? fuck no!

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