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Is Satanism a valid religious view


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Whose version of Satanism are you talking about? with other isms....there are elements that more or less have merit. Maybe everyone is sort of Satanic here on CreateDebate because we all recognize the importance of the adversarial role in exposing truth :)

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Well that depends. There is Satanists who are their own religion and worship satan. Then there is the satanic belivers who are technically a part of the pagen religion. Just because a group belives and worships a fallen angel insead of a socially accepted "God" does not mean they are not to be considered a religion. If my neghbor had people believing that his hampster created the world and they worshiped it then i would recognise it as a valid religion.

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I mean those who worship satan for mostly anti god reasons such as: "god wanted to hide intelligence and free will from adam and eve and satan freed us" but other forms of "satanism" can be brought int this debate, excluding paganism

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i didn't know there was such a thing as a valid religious view. each one as stupid as the next.

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no, self worship is not valid, love is a 2 way thing at least, and without love why bother living, and also we had to come from SOMEthing, so completely disregarding that and still worshipping yourself is not valid, imo, i mean we have free will but you will never experience life fully that way

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