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Is Seattle going to hell due to left or right wing policies?

Is Seattle the new Bumfuk?


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I used to live in Seattle. I paid close attention to what our elected officials were doing. Which is why I left. I saw this coming twelve years ago. Seattle is a liberal hell hole. Everything the left touches turns to shit.

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It may be having a tough time now, and in the near future … due to Boeings problems, (seemingly caused by capitalistic GREED), but, as long as it's a part of the "UNITED" States, it has a LOT of support.

Think about it being a "separate state", with no federal government to back it up? If it was alone, with only its own tax money to lean on? When it had to rescue Boeing AND take care of its people, roads, schools, etc.?? Those with ideas of "Every state taking care of itself", should think about it. Is Seattle going to hell?? Not while it's a part of the UNITED States! (But it COULD if we only had "right wing policies"! ;-)

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