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Is "Star Wars" better then "Lord Of The Rings"?


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I don't know if Star Wars is actually better than LOTR but it certainly is different from it. I have a personal love affair with Star Wars so I think it's better than LOTR by any stretch.

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Although I love LOTR, 'Star Wars' just holds a special place in my heart. I can't help it.

Or maybe I can... Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi! You're my only hope!

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For Star War theres adult nerds and kid nerds, that has never happened with anything else. For Lord of the Rings theres just kid nerds

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This is really a matter of personal taste, but for me, the LOTR series was much better. It involved an awesome storyline, masterfully extracted from the book, with actors who matched their characters extremely well. To me, it seems that this was more difficult to create and the end product was better.

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Depends, are we going by the Lord of the Rings books or the movies?

I have always found it to be ironic that a book like Lord of the Rings that preached about how war is a terrible thing ended up being turned into a movie that glorifies it.

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I've never read the LOTR books, but I've heard the same thing from many people. I assumed we were going by the movies; if it's book versus book (because, yes, there are "Star Wars" books, and, yes, I own them), I'm sure LOTR is all over that.

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LOTR is awesome. The books are beautifully written, and the complexity behind the story line is incredible, as is the detail and richness of the cultures and characters within. The movies are also beautifully made, fairly adherent to the plot, and aesthetically appealing.

Star Wars just can’t compete on any level.

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Nope! It's more popular, but that doesn't necessarily make it better!

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