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Is The Weather Channel Drama Queens?

I'm sitting here watching the weather channel...

... These guys really like fear porn don't they?

Totally Drama Queens

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Nah, They Are Professional

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Crazy, crazy, crazy . They must think we are dumb.

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I haven't seen them be anything other than professional. Do you have an example or two of them not?

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DevinSeay(1120) Clarified
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Well it's just me thinking. I mean, they show dramatic TV shows (or use to. I think they ditched the idea a short while ago) about the weather. Then, whenever they have an intro it plays videos of the worse weather you can see with dramatic music in the back ground etc.

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Mint_tea(4608) Clarified
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They do indeed like to show dramatic shows, but it's a 24 hour weather station, they have to show something and some of them are pretty interesting, especially the history ones. Silly dramatic music doesn't mean they are drama queens though. :D

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