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Is Tipping Waiters Necessary?

"Following the custom in Japan, Sushi Yasuda’s service staff are fully compensated by their salary. Therefore gratuities are not accepted. Thank you."

This is printed on the bottom of bills when dining at Sushi Yasuda in Midtown Manhattan. The restaurant has completely banned the option to tip its staff. If you even try to tip, your money will be returned. According to one of the restaurant's owners, Scott Rosenberg, their policy is more in line with Japanese custom. 

Rather than allow tipping, they include the cost of service in the price of the food. “The reason we did it that way was because in Japan, that’s how it’s done,” he said. “We thought, ‘How great would it be when you go to a restaurant not to have to think about the tip?’"

When tipping was allowed, tips were not going directly to the servers anyways. The restaurant would take the tips, and stresses that servers received salaries and benefits.

With all this in mind, do you still think it's wrong to ban a satisfied customer from tipping their server? Most people like the feeling of tipping their server directly, because they know it is going directly to them and not anyone else. However, knowing that the food's price already includes a service charge, wouldn't that make tipping a waste of money? When you dine, is tipping necessary or could you do without it?


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Tipping is necessary though not required, but it is based on service.----------

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Krashdog(16) Disputed
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The whole concept of tipping is meant as a reward for exemplary service(imagine a Radar(From MASH) like performance) not for just doing their job. thats what their salary is for.

I blame the fat cats for wanting to seem even more rich in company.

Here's a story of my own. On the day after my 22nd birthday i decided I'm gonna check out a strip club(terrible one at that it turns out). It cost $25 to get in, and the bouncer said thanks for the tip, keeping the rest of my $50. sonofabitch. then a $19 beer that tasted like cat urine cost me a $5 tip. Not one person deserved a tip in there. Now if he parked my car for me and personally fetched the beer and delivered it to my seat, then thats different.

So. Lets go back to normal, where waitresses don't tip coffee in my lap cause i don't tip.


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lupusFati(790) Clarified
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Necessary usually means required, you know. So I have no idea what you're really saying here.

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You just copied me sort of.

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I think the tipping system works well. All waiters have a small base salary and if they do a good job they can earn more in tips.

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Food servers should be tipped. It is the custom because food servers depend on their tips.

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People go around tipping cows and that's not nice. Why would you want to tip a poor waiter who is just trying to put himself through college? Life is hard enough as it is ;)

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Sitara(11082) Disputed
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I will tip you for good service. Yowza! ;)

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I will give you the best service you could only dream of.

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If you serve me with an nasty attitude you're not getting anything from me.

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That is the way I see it you have the job for a reason.

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Sitara(11082) Clarified
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think about it. Showing respect to working people is a way of obeying God and showing His love. :) <3

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I follow that when I am served right without any attitude whatsoever.

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No, Tipping is not necessary. However, I personally always tip the waiter/waitress who serves me. I feel it is just a simple action of respect. I was raised knowing that you should give them a tip. That is just what everyone in my family does, therefore I do it as well. However, a lot of people disagree with tipping there server. They think that beings they don't get tipped for doing their job, that it isn't quite fair for a waiter or waitress to get tipped for doing their job either. So it depends on who the person is, that decides whether or not they tip. But it isn't necessary. Just a courtesy.

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Well I'm from Denmark, and we're not familiar with the tipping stuff at all. I've been in US two times, and I've had some real trouble with the whole tipping stuff, because it's actually really confusing the first few times. We were always afraid to give them a too small amount.

I think it is really unnecessary. I mean .. doesn't the waiter get a salary to waiter us? Isn't us the money we pay for the food going to the restaurant, which pays for the waiters payments?

But whatever, it was fun to to the first few times, then it just got annoying x(

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It doesn't really matter. If they're getting a salary, your tip whether it's good or bad is just spending money compared to what's going into their bank account. On a side note, this is opposite to France, where the tip is included in the bill, but you can still tip the waiter, and it's even encouraged to. It's usually just a few coins or enough for a soda or something.

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I don't feel it's necessary. It's part of American culture but the same isn't true for all countries, such as Japan.

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