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Yeahh. The Dems'll HELP him Nahh.. He's a crook
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Is Trump is gonna WIN in 2024??


If you had several cases that you could bring against Donald Trump, would you bring your WEAKEST case first?  Truly..  I think he'll BEAT the Stormy Daniels case, and, if he does, he'll win 'em ALL.

Why the Dems are doing that is beyond me..  Maybe they wanna see him win in 2024.

I rank the investigations based upon which ones damage the country more, and in the order in which I'd bring the cases.  

1.  Jan 6,
2.  Stolen documents
3.  Georgia voting fraud
4.  Stormy Daniels payoff.

You may rank the investigations differently..


Yeahh. The Dems'll HELP him

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Nahh.. He's a crook

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Your argument in this debate would be that you butchered the title, and then you'd run off so you didn't have to answer the question or address the debate. My argument is that I know about Biden, and his shit that can be fully proven, affects us all and way worse than anything that happened when Trump was President. Biden should write a book on how to fuck things up. I got the book idea from Obama, so don't even pretend that this guy isn't a nuclear disaster, and that your stupid ass didn't vote for him. Your own lord and savior warned your ass not to put this stupid mother fucker into power. My guy got us $1.00 gas and a thriving economy with the lowest unemployment in 50 years. Your guy took a giant shit on America.

Side: Yeahh. The Dems'll HELP him
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IF the forthcoming election ends up in another two cornered fight between these two dubious characters then we can be absolutely certain that our country is finished.

The only choice for the electorate is, do you want THE IMBECILE'S STUPIDITY run the nation into the ground or have it burnt to the ground by black rioters/ANTIFA terrorists/woke insurgents.

Even if you dress the options up in pretty little blue or red silk bows and play around with semantics they're the choices in a nutshell.

Side: Nahh.. He's a crook