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Yes, water is wet. No, water is not wet.
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Is Water Wet?

Yes, water is wet.

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No, water is not wet.

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The argument against water being wet is that it can only make things other than itself wet. This leads the person to concede that as long as there is more than one molecule of H2O, that 'water' is undeniably wet but they push back the burden of proof onto Pro-wetness by arguing that H2O molecules on their own are not wet as there's no other H2O molecule to make them wet.

The counter to this counter is that H2O itself does possess wetness as when it is contact with anything else the way that thing becomes wet is solely that it came into contact with H2O (no other factor is involved).

Side: Yes, water is wet.
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It depends. Technically, the definition of wet is of an object, which is saturated with liquid, usually water, to some extent. In real terms, you can't saturate water water.

Conclusion: water makes things wet, but is not itself wet.

But again, this is really a matter of opinion. The other way to look at it is that water is a liquid, liquid has "wetness".

One of those rare instances where the same idea can be interpreted two completely different ways.

Side: No, water is not wet.
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The nitty gritty of what we are really talking about when we call water wet is the set of the effects of one end of the molecule having a charge of +2 (split between two hydrogen "tips," each having a charge of +1 each)

and the other end having a charge of -2.

These hydrogen bonds are weak, which enables the them to attach and break nearly constantly (between 0 degrees and 100 degrees Celsius.) This is what gives water its fluidity.

The polar nature of the water molecule causes it to adhere to other molecules. Attachment to other types of molecules is adhesion and causes water make other things wet.

Attachment to other water molecules is cohesion and causes water to stick together, create surface tension (bead up), and make itself wet.

Side: Yes, water is wet.

Is Water Wet?

No. Water is a word, a noun, and a drink. That is all.

Side: No, water is not wet.