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Is What Black Lives Matter Protesters Preaching Correct?

I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors basically this could go into multiple questions
Do Black Lives Matter Advocates Have Reason To Protest?
Is What They Preach Factually Correct?
Pick your Poison enjoy


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There is almost always a grain of truth on both sides of an issue and that's the case here. Pick almost any subject comparing the lives of separate races and ethnic groups and Blacks remain at the bottom. Whether that's all society's fault, all the Blacks' fault, or a mix of both can be debated extensively. I'm not saying they're all right on all things, just that their frustration as well as their voicing of distrust and fear and anger all have foundation. In the present, if you're going to have an encounter with a cop, you're far better off if you don't happen to be Black.

Let me add, however, I fully disagree with their strategy of blocking highways and roads. You are not entitled to create a public safety hazzard to prove your point. You're just not. And I also disagree with the times they grabbed the microphone from people whom might actually someday do something to help them. You can't insult and alienate people and then expect they're going to come over to your point of view.

Look, whether or not you like what I've just written, the fact is a lot of people are mad and scared and want to do something about it. Even if you're not Black there are many topics on which you could feel the same way. It's not wrong to protest. It's not wrong to try to open a dialogue. It is indeed wrong to put bystanders in danger. And it is wrong to indiscriminately kill.

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AlofRI(3285) Clarified
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I totally agree. If I sound like I'm siding with Black Lives Matter, it's just because so many on createdebate are taking the other side, AND the other side is just as wrong...if not more! I don't agree with some of their methods, but I don't agree with the total innocence of the police. The problem seems to be that one side always wins, the other always loses. It HAS to become fair, and it's NOT! It's the "blue brotherhood" Vs the "black brotherhood" at this point in time, and the blue always seems to win. It has GOT to even out!

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DBCooper(2194) Disputed
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So if the " blue brotherhood" does not exist who you gonna call to protect you Democrat.

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"Is What Black Lives Matter Protesters Preaching Correct?"

I have to say I wasn't expecting this sort of comments when it came to this issue. That indicates to me that some people have been thinking for themselves rather than accepting whatever has been fed to them.

Where I'm sitting one of our biggest problem is we do not have ties that bind by then I'm saying we do not have a commonality at brings us together, keeps us together. All of us are focused more on defending our race and status in life.

We need to understand that there is something wrong with us as a people because when not just mad at a different race we' re mad at each other in the same race. Whites on the roadways with road rage, Blacks in communities hostile towards one another, clerks in fast food facilities going to blows with customer. Until we come to grips with the fact that pointing the finger as to say it's not us but them, we will continue to pass on this legacy of hate to our children as they thank us for laying this burden in their lap.

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I just wrote in another post that some people can get most of what they want without working very hard for it. These people were getting NO RESPECT before protesting! It's a shame , when people get walked on they tend to get mad ... funny thing?? Some, like the "posse" that took over "government lands" (read...OUR lands), THEY "protested" and waved guns around. People were hurt. Many of those that think BLM are terrorists thought these guys were heroes! Sometimes, to get what you want you HAVE to protest. Quite often some within the protest get violent, as with the land protestors! Black Lives Matter is not "preaching", they are asking for respect, and NOT getting any! "BAD" cops keep getting away with murder, good cops, and black lives, are suffering for it!

I say, it's the District Attorneys and Judges that are fueling the anger! Many are suffering FOR it! We need to weed out the cops that are not professional so the good ones don't suffer for them! It's hard because there's a "brotherhood" in blue, just like there's a "brotherhood" in BLACK. BOTH need to be realistic!

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Their claims are spurious at best. They claim G. Zimmerman was not held accountable for Trayvon's death. He was tried and found not guilty due to self-defense. That's lie number one. You can peruse their site yourself at the following:

If they lie in the beginning, they will lie in the middle and all the way to the end.

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