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Is Yeshua/Jesus God in human flesh.


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He said he was, so you tell me. I take him at his word. If I'm wrong, it was still better than atheism.

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Please remember that Yahoshua according to the Bible will be sitting " IN " the throne of the Father - God Almighty

Rev 3:21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father " IN " his throne.

Why would someone who is not God Himself be honestly claiming to be someday sitting " IN " the very throne of God ? Satan has made this claim and attempted to sit in the throne of God.

Either Yahoshua is lying and will never sit " IN " the throne of God - or He is God in the flesh as the Bible says.

Why Yahoshua is making this claim. ?

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If You believe that Yahoshua was honest.

This is why Yahoshua directly made the claim that

" He would raise Himself in three days "

It just seems so obvious that Trinitarians have literally gone throughout the entire scriptures making up, adding and removing things and changing things, to codify, mold, form, morph, reshape, Re - ANIMATE and LITERALLY STAMP into the manuscripts words that are not present in individual manuscripts verses. And although though a doctrine could be explained or described in a certain way it should still be translated in the same exact way that it was written, without inserting doctrinal and theological " MADE UP WORDS such as " GODHEAD " because, this is not a Greek word that is in the manuscripts - but a Trinitarian explanation to a word that has nothing to do with the word " HEAD “ - or a body part or a position of status nor power but simply " theote¯s “ = THE IDENTITY - GOD HOOD - GOD TURE - THE GOD CHARACTER OF THE HEAD GOD. - The translators tried to invent orientations , attitudes, views, positions and placemats and placement levels and categories of Christ's location as sitting on the " RIGHT " HAND SIDE of the throne and where he belonged in a first, second and third place in His relation to The Father - when these descriptions and orders are never in the original manuscripts of many verses. But this word RIGHT HAND- the word HAND was also inserted into the Trinitarian translation. There is no RIGHT HAND side of the throne - there is only the RIGHT OF THE THRONE. - in the original.

We could easily show a hundred more of other mistranslations. As The Bible says that all believers can be filled with all of the fullness of God. Here Eph 3:19 And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.

But Yahoshua is filled / full with all of the fullness of the God Hood. theote¯s -θεότης = meaning = THE IDENTITY - GOD HOOD - GOD TURE - THE GOD CHARACTER OF THE GOD " not just GODS HEAD or HEAD POSITION. here in Col 2:9 - The translators were too busy inventing and confirming the pre - conceived doctrines that predicated the simplicity and originality of the manuscripts. But He is full of the IDENTITY - The GOD HOOD - GOD TURE - THE GOD CHARACTER OF THE GOD himself. - not the God's Head - in the manuscripts in - Col 2:9.

GODHEAD is a made up word - to define a doctrine or a theological position. there is no Greek word head in verse 9

this was lifted, stolen and borrowed or compared or crossed over - as the translators took it { LIFTED IT } from the following verse - 10 - and added it to the previous verse.

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Yes. And He proved it beyond the shadow of doubt. If one doesn't believe that evidence, nothing will "convince" them...

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AlofRI(3161) Clarified
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The Bible's "parts" were written in either ancient Hebrew or Aramaic, on stone or papyrus etc.. Sometimes fragments of which survived. These were "interpreted", as well as possible and written, by hand, then translated again and written, by hand, several more times over the centuries, then translated once again into Koine Greek and copied several times, then translated again into Latin, and copied by hand several times and translated AGAIN into Elizabethan English. "Translating" is saying "This is the best way we can say this sentence in our language". SO, with the many missing pieces, the obvious need to "fill in the blanks", the MANY translations and copies, with the HIGH probabilities of mistakes at every point, we can, at best, only consider the Bible … hearsay! How can one consider THAT evidence, "beyond a shadow of a doubt"???

The "showing up" of the original author, the ultimate "Speaker of the House", WOULD convince me. I've waited over 80 years … "HEELLLOO" … still waiting..... (I know, "Only the good die young." Guess I'm bad to the bone!) ;-)

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the Bible clearly says that says that Yahoshua was in the " morph " of God. The Greek uses the word " Morph " twice in Phil 2:7,8.

Two times in Phil 2:7,8, this word “ morph appears describing the nature of Yahoshua and The Father. God morphed, changed his form and manifested himself as a servant / a man.

God had done this several times in the Old Testament. He morphed as a man to Abraham, Moses, Gideon and The OT Yahoshua and the messenger called “ The Lord “ suddenly disappeared.

This Greek word " morph " is used as the word ' form ' in the translation.

The Trinitarians could just as easily have turned to worshiping and idolizing and making a God out of the title of " THE HOLY MORPH "

The word MORPH is an actual word that is used in the manuscripts, and again - we see here in Mar 16:12 - After that he appeared in another form / MORPH unto two of them, as they walked, and went into the country.

Here in Mar 16:12 - Yahoshua is not sending another distinct PERSON to appear to the disciples. It is the same PERSON, the same Yahoshua, MORPHING / CHANGING his form into another form and appearing in another MORPH / form to others.

This is why they did not recognize him, he did not look like the same man that they knew throughout his ministry. They walked for miles and miles down a road with him and they had no idea who he was. This is because the Bible says, after he rose from the dead - :12 - he appeared in another form / MORPH unto two of them, as they walked, and went into the country.

This is how Yahoshua is described as being God.

He was in the " morph " of God. But the word - " morph " is simply not a word that Trinitarians will worship, glorify, idolize and gormandize and attach upon it, the word as something " holy. " Why do not Trinitarians use a literal word that actually exists in the Bible if they want to IDOLIZE, WORSHIP and give exaltation and GLORIFY a word - as they worship and idolize the word they have invented, made up and attached to God by changing the Bible calling him as - The Holy Trinity or The Holy Threesome.

The word " morph " is how the Bible describes the relationship between the Father and the Son. And it is the word " morph " that is used when Yahoshua rose from the dead and appeared to others. He MORPHED.

Why not call the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as - this word as - " THE HOLY MORPH " ?

But the word Trinity is not even in the Bible and yet Trinitarians literally worship a word and call the unbiblical, manmade derived word " THREESOME " as Holiness, literally as three separate, individual, distinct, - Co - Equal - God persons - themselves. This is nothing but Roman Catholic foolishness that has leaked through the lines and upward into other tanks throughout history of flushing out the original message.

The Greek word - 3444 - μορφή - morphē / mor-fay' - Meaning = Through the idea of adjustment of parts ); shape; nature: - form.

Yahoshua was with God and was God and he was morphed into human flesh and God took on the morph / form - or was changed or made, fashioned into ANOTHER DIFFERENT CHANGED morph as - the morph of a servant and a man. The only difference is, I do not refer to the word - " morph " as the TITLE of worship to glorify a word - to say '" The Holy Morph '"

I worship and glorify the name of God which is Yahoshua - while Trinitarians refuse to even translate his name into another language, instead they KEEP the Greek rendering of the word " Jee Soos " and refuse to even translate his name. It just shows the distain and enmity that exists for the true name that God had given unto him and the true Bible message that also was given. In fact Trinitarians run from the name Yahoshua. They do not like it nor want a single thing to do with it. They are insulted and snubbed by his real Hebrew name.

His name has - No Anointing - the meaning and definition of " Christ " has - no application placed upon it in the translation itself - it is simply left UNTRANSLATED and remaining un-translated, left - in the Greek language as a Greek word " Christ " and " and The Anointing " is never referred to Yahoshua in the Trinitarian doctrine.

If they would have translated the word " Christ " the translation would literally say that Yahoshua the Anointing is the Holy Spirit. But this is not the God that Trinitarians want to worship. They want to worship three different persons and deny Yahoshua the right to the throne of the father.

Rev 3:21 I “ Yahoshua “ - am set down with my Father in his throne.

Rev 12:5 “ Yahoshua “ was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

Mat 19:28 + Mat 25:31 “ Yahoshua “ the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory.

Heb 1:8 Unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever.

Heb 8:1 + Heb 12:2 “ Yahoshua “ is set IN the right of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens.

Mat 19:28 + Mat 25:31 “ Yahoshua “ shall come in his glory, and sit upon the throne of his glory.

Heb_12:2 + “ Yahoshua “ is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Heb 1:3 “ Yahoshua “ is from the shining of his glory, and the express image of his CONFIDENCE , and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down IN the right of the Majesty IN high;

The only defense that Trinitarians have to defend their faith are to ask questions such as the one below -

" Can three people, persons or Co - Equal partners or deities really fit comfortably on just one small tiny throne. ? "

This is all the proof they need. The Bible is just a book to play around with and modify words, to formulate an alternative theory.

Trinitarians love to focus on the humanity of Yahoshua but with his humanity in the Bible also comes the explanation as to where he was before he was morphed and changed into humanity,

We have Phil 2:7,8 The MORPH OF GOD " Made himself void, nothingness, was made into the form of a slave. He humbled himself “ So we see that this has nothing to do with what Trinitarians teach. Yahoshua LOWERED Himself and took on the form or morph of a MAN and LOWERED HIMSELF to become - a servant of God -

But Trinitarians demand this is who he already was - and will for eternity exist as.

IF THAT was what or who he already was and always will be, - why did he have to CHANGE his FORM, modify and change himself and lower himself and take on the form of something DIFFERENT from what he pre- existed as ?

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If he is why can you not get him to put an appearance in after all if he’s “human “ shouldn’t be to hard should it ?

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He is not a slot machine, and I saw Him in a dream thrice........................................

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Dermot(5796) Disputed
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I kinda guessed that the give away being slot machines are not made of flesh are they ?

So you saw him in a dream and that proves what ?

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He has already proven that He is God in the Bible, my friend. Go read John 8, the whole thing, please. Peace.

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iPhi(239) Disputed
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o ye of little faith, do you require all evidence to appear before your very eyes before you believe...? by the way. do you exist?

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I believe he was a charismatic MAN in human flesh. The [fact] that he was, allegedly, "in human flesh" and could be killed by others in human flesh, kinda proves he was NOT a "god" but an ordinary man. Perhaps, in his time an extra-ordinary man, but again, not a "god".

I would gladly take back my words ... if he would just show up once in a while and, maybe "straighten us out". Show some "management skills", some compassion for his "creations", some guidance OTHER than an ancient "rule book" that has been corrupted (obviously) over the centuries by OTHER "men" .... with a pen! (AND an agenda)!

Just show up to work now and then! THAT would give us atheists something to believe in! As Thomas Jefferson said: "Question with boldness even the existence of GOD; Because, if there IS one, he must approve of the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded FEAR!"

I'm still looking for the "reason"! So many carry around the blindfolded FEAR! I would LOVE to have a real god I could believe in ... one that would show up and manage "his creation".

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YeshuaBought(2860) Clarified
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Ima pray, then I will answer you. You have every right to be assured.

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YELLING does not change my mind, hun. He is going to rapture His church sfter the sixth seal is opened, and the Day of the Lord begins.

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AlofRI(3161) Clarified
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I wouldn't yell at you. I DO like to emphasize important points, though. Good luck to you in eternity.

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iPhi(239) Disputed
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is God not capable of wearing a physical human avatar...?

did anyone remember to tell God about his limited powers???

if He just showed up, wouldn't that cancel your test of faith? what if He is testing your faith?? twould be illogical to undo the thing He means to do...

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