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Still a car It's now an airplane
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Is a flying car still a car, or is it an airplane?

Still a car

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It's now an airplane

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I've seen flying cars at auto stunt shows, they're called "airborne vehicles". ;-)

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It's still a car, that happens to fly. Kind of like a bus that happens to be a boat as well. The main purpose is still to drive.

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Were you referring to that death trap? Those people are all going to die, don't ever get in one of those unless you're tired of living.

I've never seen anything that screams deathtrap as loudly as that nightmare.

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Wow. I had no idea that was something that existed. No I was referring to that tourist thing, the duck mobile, or whatever it's called.

I just finished watching that video, jeez. That thing looks like it'd blow over with a small gust of wind. Seems like you'd have to have near perfect conditions on a lake to use that as a boat.

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Well, basically it is still a car because if we go thinking the other way we should also call a man who could fly using technology an airplane or a bird, don't we ?

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