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Is a person dependant on welfare less likely to question or criticize the government?

Having ones health and livelihood sustained by government programs is a major factor in the left/right divide. Hostility and ridicule towards a liberty minded and self sufficient skeptic is a way of maintaining the dependence. Whereas a person able to critically analyze and question anything unafraid of truth is a threat to every single dependent person.


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Don't bite the hand that feeds you. This applies to government employees and dependents, public teachers and students as well. Being dependent on the state implies one is complicit in it's actions. Good or evil. This explains the personal attacks and name calling while debating ideas that question the state's evil actions. When someone shows the government lied about vaccine safety or stole public property it feels like a personal attack.

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Hello J:

In one way or another, we're ALL dependent on government largess.. That hasn't stopped anyone from criticizing the government, nor should it..

What?? You don't drive on the public highways, and you don't deduct mortgage interest and medical costs from your taxes??? Of course you do.. WHO do you think is paying for YOUR subsidy??


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My argument is centered around the fact that a dependency on government prevents an examination of facts that may lead to events ending the benefits enjoyed in a welfare state. Some people get food, shelter, medicine and cash.

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excon(15408) Disputed
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Hello Jim:

I understand your argument.. I'm simply saying that EVERYBODY is dependent on government..


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Sorry, but I have yet to meet a single person anywhere who is reluctant to criticize the government. Indeed, in the last national election people essentially voted to blow up the whole government status quo, or drain the swamp as many say. That Red State surge included lots of people who benefit directly or indirectly from government funding.

The only scenario where your claim is absolutely true is if the precise program someone is in is the one to be cut. If you pull finding from gay albinos most assuredly gay albinos are going to say hell no to that. But keep in mind that's also true for the rich and powerful, the middle class, really for anyone. People defend the programs that benefit their own lives.

But, even as they defend what gets them theirs, I don't know any people in this country who flat out refuse to criticize their government. They just criticize it a little differently.

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I don't know, it makes sense... But in my observation, at least in the States, that questioning or criticizing the government is the norm.

Most people I know are on welfare, so that should say something.

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After doing a Google search, it appears that those most reliant on the government complain at least as much as anybody else. I already expected it to be true, my life experiences say so. Most every right-winger complains about how much those on welfare complain.

Maybe I'm missing something?

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