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That's STUPID, STUPID, STUPID Yes. Trump LOVES black people
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Is a rising stock market something Trump DID for black people??


Specifically, what did he DO FOR black people???  Really..  If I missed it, lemme know.



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Yes. Trump LOVES black people

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During his pre-Chinese disease tenure in office his policies resulted in the highest black employment rate in the history of the U.S.A.

Everyone, including blacks benefit from the financial stability and confidence which a rising stock market produces.

But hey, he's right wing so let's deny the facts and call him foul names such as ''orange fuck''.

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What policies has Trump actually implemented that positively affected the economy?

While you are looking for them, ask yourself whether they are good in the long-term, or steal from the future to make the short-term look good.

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Specifically, what did he DO FOR black people??? Really.. If I missed it, lemme know

I don't think Trump "loves black people" any more than he "loves white people" or anyone else. I think he sees himself as the only one capable of helping them and wants the praise because he has self absorbed tendencies like Obama and certainly like Hillary and Biden. It's typical in recent times for a politician to have this particular quality, from Hillary, to Barack, to Biden, to Trump.

Van Jones slammed as 'sell-out' for praising conservatives on criminal justice reform

Democrats said they'd do it. Trump DID do it. I am about results, not about lip service. To me, the Democrats are all talk and no walk. And the Republicans are too to be honest. Trump isn't. He has a big mouth, but he has big results. Imagine if the Democrats weren't obstructing, accusing, and investigating him every 10 minutes. Imagine if he were a Democrat without the media on his back for every word 24 hours a day. Hannity would probably go after him, but nobody else.

Democrats would have bumper stickers that said orange was the best color and that nobody does orange better than Trump.

We've seen how the Democrats would act if Trump were a Democrat in real time with Biden.

#believeallwomen? No. Due process.This is America.

Born in a different era.

He didn't mean it that way.

Silly, cute old man.

Better than the other guy.


Let's imagine if Biden's words came out of Trump for a minute.

Trump: "You ain't black if you don't vote for me."

All hell would break loose, and the complete media meltdown would begin. Cats and dogs would suddenly get along, grass would be blue, and the sky would go red. The media abyss would open up and media dragons would burst forth like an alien. Just saying.

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