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''Taiwan visit not confirmed'' We'll bend to threats.
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Is another ''climb-down'' on the cards after China tells us what to do?

In **THE IMBECILE'S** America I predict that we'll succumb to the threats from China and make a lame excuse for cancelling Pelosi's trip to Taiwan.
Here we have a foreign power telling us where we can and cannot go.
Pelosi was scheduled to meet the Taiwan President on Wednesday 08/03/2022.
I predict the dithering Democrat fools will some how wriggle out of that engagement.

''Taiwan visit not confirmed''

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We'll bend to threats.

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This face-off and the inevitable ensuing humiliation could have been avoided had THE IMBECILE'S puppet-masters had the wit of a 10 year old and foreseen the friction it was going to cause.

Some party is going to have to back-down and it sure ain't going to be the Chinese.

Side: ''Taiwan visit not confirmed''
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I forecast THE IMBECILE'S manipulators will try to sell the narrative that the much hyped visit to Taiwan and the long standing arrangement for Pelosi to meet with its President was a figment of the media's imagination.

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Surely even the most avid supporters of the Democrat Communist party along with the many passionate disciples of Biden will see that the THE IMBECILE is to the American political scene what Inspector Clouseau was to the French Gendarmerie.

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