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Is atheism unbelief or a desire for God to not exist?


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Do people not worship Zeus due to unbelief or a desire for Zeus not to exist?

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TruthMachine(92) Disputed
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They don't worship Zeus because he's not a part of human history, seems to have disappeared, & didn't make a giant prophecy that is literally coming true like clockwork.

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There is nothing more comforting than believing there is a magic guy somewhere, watching, judging, and throwing his enemies under the 🚌. The thought that there might be nothing, that once my life is over, I blink out of existence forever is scary as fuck, but since we’re not 4 years old, we shouldn’t need any magic man to do the right thing, right?

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I think it comes from having a superstitious idea of God. If your conception of God is anything other than THE SUPREME AND ULTIMATE REALITY, you aren't actually talking about the God that any real believer professes faith in. Besides that, you aren't talking about the God that is universally recognized from the scripture in all the major world religions.

Of course, atheists tend to debate people are superstitious ideas about God because it reinforces their own superstitious ideas of God.

They have no idea what they are doing.

There are also a lot of atheist who actually do believe in God, but because they are practitioners of magic(that is, the utilization of belief as a tool), it isn't in their best interests to point people to a conception of God that is actually real.

Atheism is either ignorance, foolishness, wickedness, or all three.

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Rick_Zeta5A(357) Disputed
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I completely understand the ‘creative all encompassing force’ that you are referring to’, the force that created the universe, the all seeing all knowing eye, I’m well aware of the arguments. I can even say that for a long time I embraced this force of my defacto explanation for everything but I had to discard this idea, after much thought.

Firstly, I used the pocket watch analogy, that is in my interpretation, a watch is beautiful, functional and is capable of performing tasks extremely well, but for all the watch can do, it can NEVER understand why it was created, it will never realize its makers intention. This is analogous to the human/god relationship, if a mighty force created the universe for us and created us by its hand, then it is very likely a force which we, as conscious beings, will never be able to understand, comprehend or draw an explanation from. If this is true, attempting to purport any human experience as godly, or that we could communicate with god or that your construct of a god is somehow correct Is specious at best.

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TzarPepe(792) Disputed
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In other words, "I know everything, so there is nothing anyone can teach me."

Good luck

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Rick_Zeta5A(357) Disputed
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Secondly, I do not suppose any form for god or the negation of peoples experience that creates their belief. And I know exactly what I’m doing, I’m putting aside all doubts, I believe it’s time to leave the past behind and sacrifice your comfort for the betterment of the future. For thousands of years now, religious doctrine and philosophy based on theistic views have dominated people’s thoughts and actions. Only in the last 300 years have people been allowed to voice opinions that contradicted the egalitarianism of the state. And only in the last 100 years have we have had the freedom of choice to allow theoretical arguments to dominate, furthering research because of DISAGREEMENT. Disagreements create passion for discovery.

It is not my job to convince other people what is real, but if I try hard I may be able to create in their minds a seed of doubt, and that seed may grow to a full compulsion, maybe a compulsion to prove me wrong, and maybe in so doing, they will learn something that they may use as a clue to one day come to realization.

And belief in things is not magic, but your more ignorant than you know. Einstein postulated locality as the reason for certain peculiarities in metaphysical manipulation, or action at a distance, but Neils Bohr disputed this theory with a mathematical calculation later know as the Schrödinger equation. Which lead to studies in metaphysics and quantum entanglement. This may be research you would enjoy 😉

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TzarPepe(792) Disputed
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All I hear is "I deny The Supreme and Ultimate Reality".

This instantly makes you wrong, so why should I care about the rest of the crap that is falling out of your head?

I don't believe in your knowledge falsely so called. You certainly aren't talking to me.

See, if you actually listened to me and understood what I was saying, you'd come to the realization that atheism is a self defeating position that is inherently foolish.

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Atheism of course can be a desire for God to not exist.

If God exists, that makes everyone WRONG.

To the self righteous, this has to be obnoxious.

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