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Yes. Why does it even exist? No. It is useful
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Is baptism pointless?

I was wondering what anyone thinks about this. I think it's pointless personally.

Yes. Why does it even exist?

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No. It is useful

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Well, my mother was baptized @ 96 .... then she died. (Just sayin').

I think it's a useless thing to an entity that doesn't exist, but I'll defend the right of anyone to practice (not demand) it.

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Baptism is evil. Submerging an infant under water so they can risk drowning is barbaric. The practice should be abolished.

"The Orthodox Church in Romania is facing growing criticism after a baby suffered a cardiac arrest and died following a baptism ceremony." Kate Ng

Supporting Evidence: Baptism kills. (
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Baptism won't stop people from becoming murderers. There are many people who have been baptized who have grown up to be violent people and people who haven't been baptized who haven't grown up to be violent and who do good things for the world.

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Baptism cleanses us humans from our sins and sets us on the path to righteousness with a clean slate.

During the pioneering period in the western state of Arizona there was an Evangelist, Ebeneezer Jaquan who submerged sinners in the fast flowing rapids of the Colorado river and cleansed them of their sins.

This thoughtful Gospeller then immediately drowned them so they could never sin again and enter through the gates of Heaven squeaky clean.


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People can still do bad stuff, even after they have been baptized.

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Norwich(1424) Disputed
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If you had read my post in its entirety you'd have known that people can't do ''bad stuff'' after Baptism if they're DEAD.

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