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Is being a knower a good thing or a bad thing? or is it both? (plate state in answer)

My whole life I have always felt lonely. I am lonely no matter who I am with. For a while I tried religion but it wasn't really a panacea by itself. Maybe it was a problem God wants me to solve; to push past? I mean in sort of a Hindu Dharma sort of sense or a Judeo-Christian sort of destiny sort of sense. Is it part of my purpose?

Now I know there is no answer as to why I was made lonely. Its a lot like asking why we are here? By the time you figure it out you'll be dead. Sort of like the Buddha said.

Now, while I am not the most educated person in the world, I find myself reading and finding weird or creepy information that I keep for a period of time. For example, has anyone heard of "The Devil's Breath?" It's not literally from Satan. No my friend, it's even worse, it's a South American drug that you blow in someone's face. It causes them to go blank and do as told for three whole days (approximately), and then forget about whatever they did.

But that's not what it means to be a "knower." Being a true "knower" refers to things no one can describe. It refers to the kind of thing that they say "there is no explanation. Either you get it or you don't. That's it." I have no clue if this is in Christianity but it is in Buddhism and some other religions and is even something Atheists say sometimes. It's a very diverse belief that there are some things that cannot be explained. It can only be known or not known. Not just to an all knowing god, this expression refers to humans. I've heard explanations from people claiming everything from the purely scientific ("It's a scientific fact") to the religious ("some people are created to understand more than others to achieve their purpose") to even the middle ground Buddhist claims like "It just is so. Let it be so. Meditate and you might one day understand more." These aren't exact quote I'm giving. They are general responses.

One legitimate Buddhist example I've heard goes from a tale I am vaguely about to summarize because I don't feel like looking it up, but it goes something like this:

""The Buddha was once with a group of his followers. He held up a flower and smiled. Everyone looked perplexed, but only one person knew to smile back.""

The above was Buddha testing one of his students in such a manner.

The thing is the more of these things you "get" even when not thinking about it, when compared to other people who don't on most things (the majority), I find I start to feel lonely.

Someone wrote an article I could easily relate to:

Do you think being a knower is lonely? More importantly, do you believe it is better to be a knower, or maybe to be a little bit more simple? Which is better in your view? Or do you believe it is good and bad.


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Bad or Both (please state)

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We all have special gifts inside of us. I guess that is why some of us get things and some of us don't. It is something special if we have an understanding of something that others don't share. It is part of what makes us unique. I guess we are all “knowers” to some extent. But I think that it is important to know as much as possible. Even some of the bad stuff. It can help us to have better judgement. But of course, if you share some of your gifted knowledge with other people who don't understand they might laugh at you and ignore you. But those who don't laugh at you and listen and understand you are the ones that you should follow and trust.

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