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Is boarding school a good idea?


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In movies and such boarding school is proclaimed as some horrible place you send troubled or spoiled kids to.

In reality it is the complete opposite. In Denmark we have tons of boarding schools, and most parents who can afford it send their children to a boarding school, if they want to - and most of us do.

I went to a boarding school for a year - it will definitely be one of the best years in my life.

Since you are in one place for a year with a bunch of other kids (my school there were 98 students) you get to know everyone, and you get friends for life.

There were some people who started on my school but had to quit in the middle of the year because of homesickness, or because they simply didn't like it, and that is understandable. You are on some matters .. on your own. Before I started there, I never .. washed my clothes by myself, I was used to my mom doing in for me, but on the school I was forced to do these things by myself, and it made me more independent on others.

I choose yes, because boarding school was definitely a good idea for me, but it's not for everyone.

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Independence is a common argument, but despite that, I think that boarding schools aren't all that great.

For one, being separated from you're family is a very sad thing- especially if you are going through some trouble. Calling them isn't the same as a hug.

For the independence issue, you can get as much independent at home as you can in school- chores! Just have you're child be entrusted with more responsibility- and boom! Independence.

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I think children know that they are being tossed out of the home on purpose and they will resent their parents for sending them there.

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