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yes,it's shotgun theology! no way jesus was his name!
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Is christianity a false sense of security?

In acts 4:12 it is written "there is none other name under heaven given amoung men whereby we must be saved".

If one studies the history of the letter "J" or the J sound you will find no evidence of its existence until the 1600's making the utterence of it only 500 years old. There was no J in greek, hebrew nor ancient aramaic at all, in fact the 1611 king james bible itself had no J utterence in it whatsoever. So why was Yeshua latter translated to utter Jesus? It's not like the english language was void of uttering the "Y" sound.

So the requirement of having faith in the name yeshua seems to be no longer a requirement for salvation so "ANY" name can be used in it's place. So...are christians really saved or do they have a false sense of security by having faith in another name?

yes,it's shotgun theology!

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no way jesus was his name!

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There is no need to translate something that can be uttered in your language. especially something as important as faith in a name required for ones salvation. Since when is it in the bible that God said "you can call me what i MEAN to you or define me and you can call me that.

Side: yes,it's shotgun theology!