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Is college worth the money?

We could easily learn stuff though

yes, it is

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Individually, it completely depends.

Statistically, it is still worth the money in the long run.

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Yes, but you have to choose your profession wisely. Engineering, IT etc.; you will be ok. If get your PHD studying the mating habits of the yellow-bellied sap sucker, you're probably gonna have a problem finding gainful employment.

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OF COURSE NOT. That's like asking if its worth the money to have a broken window replaced. NO, if its something that could have been avoided by say, NOT breaking the window in the first place, then no one would have to pay for it. College is like that as well, it is not something that is really "worth it" its just another toll we have to pay some rent seeker if we want access to a successful life. No, its never worth it, not while bourgeoisie politicians and teachers unions use it as a from of indentured servitude.

Supporting Evidence: "Free Education"? (
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LoveU(348) Disputed
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All people want this opportunity , to have free education. But this is reality , we have to work before we can educate somebody. College is the basic need of the citizen in order to have more job opportunities. Those who have low education can't be accepted in a high paying company. These people who have enough money but believes they don't need college are ridiculous.

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Izzieism(19) Disputed
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I am confused at why you disputed me? As you said "college is the basic need of the citizen in order to have more job opportunities."

Pretty much lines up with what i was saying. Its a need, not a want. It's not a question of worth because it is the only path.

For example if i came across a man dying of dehydration and offered him a gallon of water for everything he had on him, do you think that he will not pay? That in that moment he will not pay for the barrier between life and death? Is it worth it? At what price would he be expected for it not to be considered worth it?

I would argue that its not "worth it" it is merely the only option available.

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Izzieism(19) Clarified
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Sorry, hit clarify cause I thought it was a way to ask for clarification without voting.

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Hypothetical(68) Clarified
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Fixing a broken window and academic achievement are two very different things. You're only taking into account the monetary value of the education, and not where it will lead you going forward. If your passion is in a field where a college degree is required (doctor, architect, lawyer, etc.), and you know this is something you'll genuinely enjoy doing as a career, most say it's worth it. As is everything you must sacrifice in order to get to where you want to be in life. Jobs that don't require a degree still require substantial sacrifice in terms of effort and time put into your field. You need to take into account factors other than the dollar amount college costs to determine if it's "worth" the money. The only answer is that it depends on the person, what they want to go to college for, and how passionate they are in that field of study. Someone with a passion for business may not value a medical doctorate with a concentration in anesthesiology any more than a 2 year community college associates in general studies. Value is subjective in the society we currently sustain.

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Yes let me clarify.

Is the pursuit of a degree by any means necessary worth it?

Yes, the advantages offered by a degree are priceless and only limited by the imagination and IQ (since IQ only changes by 1 point up/down over a four year degree) of the individual.

Is the way that society chooses to approach the problem of providing and quantifying knowledge (college and grades) worth it?

No, we are depending on an ancient system, an antique of yester year that has been locked in by government laws. Like any other antique the cost of repairs and maintenance only increase and therefore we see these constantly inflating prices.

Again sorry i was looking at the tapestry when everyone was looking at the strands.

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Quite frankly, you would be better off going to a technical college. They teach only what you will need to do your job, and I believe they offer job placement assistance. It's also way cheaper and they won't try to turn into a raving lunatic (liberal).

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Yes, because it is more skill based, where as colleges tend to force you into unrelated or unnecessary things, useful but not necessary for getting you into the job market. They tend to inflate what could be done within 2-3 years into a 4 year degree.

For example, A friend of mine looking to be an architect is forced into several unrelated classes like history of cartography, and some current events class where you have to write weekly 1000 word essays on differing politics and then discuss them are the ones for this semester.

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There are few jobs where you cannot learn what you need in six to 12 months. Even many tech school rarely last more than year. You can get a degree in graphic arts in just a little more than a year. Auto mechanic, I believe, takes about the same amount of time.

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In today's day and age? For most kids? Fuck no.

Now, if you have a solid life plan- you know what you want to do, why you want to do it, and your goals are realistic- and that plan requires that you go to school, awesome. If you know you want to be a doctor, or a nurse, or a lawyer, or whatever, then go for it. That's when school is worth it.

However, you've been lied to your whole life about school. Think your grades in high school matter? They fucking don't. You know that guidance counselor that told you that the only way to get ahead in life was to go to college (every school guidance counselor ever, and also your parents)? They're all full of shit.

Plenty of people who couldn't go to college are making decent money. I know a guy who's 26, has no college education, and is in line for regional manager with Dominos. Those guys make SIX FIGURES A YEAR. HE IS IN HIS MID 20S.

Alternatively, you could go six figures in debt on your school loans and enter a job market flooded with people who have degrees that are equally useless because they didn't know what they were doing when they went to college either, so they got a degree in gender studies or whateverthefuck and went back to their parent's couch because no employers actually gave a shit. All of this, because they saw college as a gateway to the good life rather than an investment to make a return on, and no one taught them how the real world works.

Go join the military. Go learn a trade. Go take literally any job you can. Hell, start a business. Figure out what it is you want to do with your life, and if it requires college, then go back to school.

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I just don't believe it. We actually agree on something. What are the odds?

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