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Communism is the future Capitalism is the future
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Is communism inevitable as we move toward socialism

Communism is the future

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Capitalism is the future

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I read a book named The Host, and the alien society in this book is based on voluntary work. Work is called your calling, and everyone wants to help society. I wish we could have this kind of system. Anyone who didn't work would be a social reject.

There was no concept of money in this society, either.

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A movie about the book is coming. The author also wrote the Twilight books...

Who wouldn't want to help the society, who wouldn't want to be important, even now, right now? Who would want to waste their life away essentially for nothing?

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A movie? Yay!

I've just watched the trailer, it looks amazing.

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I would not say Communism is the future as it cannot be achieved by humans. This being said, capitalism is a destructive system which cannot be sustained.

When the world moves to more Socialistic policies, some over zealous country's may attempt to become Communist, this could prove to be interesting.

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I read an interesting novel of this sort, titled Blindsight by Frederick Pohl.

The contemporary world of the novel wasn't communist, per se, but it was based on properties of association rather than properties of competition.

The closer we get to making basic living (food, electricity, health care) as cheap as possible, the more likely that people will be taken out of labor intensive jobs to be supplanted by robots/AI/mechanized labor, and the mroe likely that work itself will be voluntary. After all, if a machine can produce your food, yyour electricity, and take care of you, why do you need to work? To earn a profit? For what, your living needs have been taken care of.

From this point of view, the author essentially views the world as in a state of decadence and stagnation, and eventual decline and destruction. So ultimately, it seems to me that the argument would be communism is a potential stepping stone to destruction, at least if we aren't careful with how it is applied.

A plug for the book as well. It was a seriously good read. Makes you question existence, what it means to be conscious/sentient, and the pitfalls of anthropocentrism.

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The book was by Peter Watts, excuse me.

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