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Is competition good?

I am a A2 Level student and I am currently writing an EPQ for university. I was wondering what everyone thought of every day competition and in a sporting environment. Consider your age in terms of your generation, for example: if you have been brought up with competition as a factor. Alongside your initial reaction to competition for example, if you find it encouraging or discouraging.


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Yes, competition is definitely good in certain circumstances, but that doesn't mean you should base an entire society on it. As we have seen, that inevitably results in corruption, dishonesty and a psychology of cheating.

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competition is a good thing because in order to make yourself better you have to have somebody push you. If there was no competition we wouldn't have the olympics

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Competition is not good. Cooperation is good. Instead of competing against each other, if people cooperated, a lot more would get done. Many people claim that competition brings out the best in us, but actually, it brings out the worst in us, and people do the worst things to each other in order to outdo the opponent.

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NO!!11!! of course not. Trophies for everyone!! ... btw is sarcasm allowed on this site?

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Competition compares the ability of every player. Mentally, it's good for the winners but can cause low self esteem to the one who were defeated.

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