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Is divorce always bad for children?


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I think DEFINATELY is the wrong word to use.

In general yes.

Most divorce cases (especially in USA and UK) are caused by immaturity, selfishness or money. People don't think long and hard about the choices that need a long and hard think. That's why they get married for the wrong reasons 'love' - have children when they're not ready 'its more fun without a jonny' and don't do the right thing when together 'cheat'. These are just trivial examples - but the point is that most marriages shouldn't have occured and then most divorces shouldn't have occured either.

Now when you've got parents who can't even decide who they can live with for the rest of their lives, how can they decide who/how they can raise for the rest of their lives? Children need to grow up in a proper family home. Learn how to become toddlers > boys and girls > men and women. They need contructive and supported views not contradicting and confusing views.

I'm not saying divorced couples can't achieve a succesful child - it's a lot more difficult and they bring it upon themselves.

The only good reasons for divorce are abusive relationships. Maybe a coupla other reasons.


The children always suffer in divorce and then each parent tries to play the favorite.


No. Some children benefit, especially if one parent is abusive.

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As far as im concerned , to stay togeather for the "sake of the kids" , is one of the most selfish choices a bitter couple could make.

It doesnt mean that either parent has to be nil and void from their childs life after the divorce.

And in the end , kids would prefer to see their parents happy , not all bitter and resentful.

Too many kids are seeing their mums and dads ,hate each other ,speak to each other like shit , have affairs etc , but insist on staying togeather for the sake of the kids.

Kids are not stupid !

I wish parents would get it thru their fat heads.

Half the time they dont even do it for the kids , but only stay togeather because they dont want to admit that the marriage is over to friends or family. How selfishly egotistical of them.

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Divorce can be extremely traumatic to families, especially children. My children’s picture book, Living With Mom, Spending Time With Dad takes us through a myriad of emotions that two children, Stephen and Alex, experience through this tumultuous period. Young Alex especially gives an extremely candid and honest account of the day-to-day trauma, the hostility and at times the many poignant memories that he has. Living with Mom, Spending Time with Dad also addresses the concerns and anguish of being torn between two parents. Throughout the story there is that underlying hope that everything will turn out alright and everyone will be back in their original comfort zone.


I just read a Spanish short story that dealt with this topic. The child was in a house with two parents who fought endlessly, and when they finally divorced and each remarried, he was presented with two happy homes, as opposed to one unhappy one.

My own story isn't as positive. My father walked out when I was three, but my parents didn't formally divorce until I was twelve or so. Throughout those years, and still to this day, they can't be in the same room together or even on the phone without screaming at each other. In my case, divorce didn't change anything. But in other cases, children are much more fortunate.

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If the mother beats the children, or is a drunkard/druggie, it would be best for them to live with the father or, if he is also involved, to put them into foster care/adoption.

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