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Is everything relevant?

Irelevant statements are usually viewed as off topic. I see everything to have relevance if you think about it. If you're one person is conversing about colors. Then all of a sudden someone changes the subject to shapes, the other would find your statement to be irrelevant. For instance the person who first started the subject about colors, randomly brought the topic up. See, in the persons mind he thought of something that made him think about the color subject. Wouldn't that make it irrelevant to the person who recieves the conversation. If everything is irrelevant to one another wouldn't that create the possibility of everything being relevant as well? 

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I dont see how. For example:

Lets use the numbers 1-10.

Lets talk about even numbers. Anything that is relevant to this would be 2,4,6,8, and 10. If I say odd numbers then 1,3,5,7, and 9 become relevant and the even numbers are irrelevant. If the subject is letters then all of the numbers, 1-10, are irrelevant to the problem at hand. If we are talking about perfect squares then 1,4, and 9 become relevant.

Unless the subject is "everything" then everything is relevant.

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I understand that point, but isn't all of that irrelevant? in your mind it wasn't, but to me it was random. Sure it's your reaction to my action of posting it, and starting from our very first conversation. But the pebble that created that ripple affect of conversations, is irrelevant.

I understand that point, but isn't all of that irrelevant?

Depends. Depends on the subject. The post I posted now is relevant to this topic. The conversation we had was irrelevant.

Yup, everything is relevant, but everything isn't relevant to everything.

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then what is it relevant to if not everything. ?

Relevant to what is creation of Allah, no doubt.