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Friction is a friend Friction is a foe
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Is friction friend or foe?

Friction is a friend

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Friction is a foe

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Without friction, YOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO WALK.

With that said... blow me~!

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It is a friend as it can help us get a grip on things. For example friction can allow a car to move, allow us to hold things up.

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At 130mph round a long, sweeping, left-hander only to discover someone in front doing no speed at all, and oncoming traffic: yes.

Sliding down the road on your back wearing leathers: yes.

Sliding down the road on your back in jeans and t-shirt: no.

Playing with your partner: yes.

Effecting any sort of physical action in the real world: yes.

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They say that lions have barbed penises, now THAT is friction!


I hope the lionesses agree that friction is friend not foe ;)

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I can't even think about that without wincing =[

Peace to the lionesses.

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It's a big friend when applying the brake after spotting that state trooper.

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Yes, friction is a friend. Considering it can help turn a gigantic crash scene into a minor casualty thing. (In some cases)

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Friction plays a vital role in our daily life. Without friction we are handicap.

1. It is becomes difficult to walk on a slippery road due to low friction. When we move on ice, it becomes difficult to walk due to low friction of ice.

2. We can not fix nail in the wood or wall if there is no friction. It is friction which holds the nail.

3. A horse can not pull a cart unless friction furnishes him a secure Foothold.

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Without friction, we will accelerate for all eternity if pushed. It'd be pretty hard to do anything without our good friend friction.

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My hand and penis told me to vote for friction.

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Despite the fact that the friction is very important in our daily life, it also has some disadvantages like:

1. The main disadvantage of friction is that it produces heat in various parts of machines. In this way some useful energy is wasted as heat energy.

2. Due to friction we have to exert more power in machines.

3. It opposes the motion.

4. Due to friction, noise is also produced in machines.

5. Due to friction, engines of automobiles consume more fuel which is a money loss.

Side: Friction is a foe
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Friction causes wear and tear.

example:When you wear the same pair of shoes for a few months there soul wear out.

Friction produces heat. since friction produces heat,the engines of car and other machinery become very hot after running for some time.

Energy is wasted in overcoming tyhe force of fricriofriction reduces the speed of moving vehicles to a great extent.

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friction will destroy the machines, tyre etc. so friction is evil, when friction started some machines starts to produce sound some times this sound causes for noise pollution

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Because of friction energy in some machines is wasted to heat energy causing it to work harder and soon break but in the act of making it work harder we create polution.

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