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 Is gaming taken seriously enough to take it up as a profession? (5)

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Is gaming taken seriously enough to take it up as a profession?

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Gaming has always been regarded as an addiction which spoils kids, keeps them away from studies and what not! But i am sure all gamers agree with me that Gaming requires a lot of skill, it sharpens your mind, and the strategic games teach a lot about history, civilization etc.

The gaming industry is now gaining respect and it's growing. I am sure that now gamers can even think of making this hobby as their profession as well!

I would say: "Pro-Gmaing is IN"

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You mean like a spectator sport on big screen TV and all? And instead of having a chess master we would have a Halo King or something? They could put Nike shoes on the little Halo guys and then the players could get large advertising contracts. Maybe show the little Halo guys eating their Wheaties before a big battle. Wow! I just got chills up and down my spine. Hang on, I think the kids left the front door open. ;)

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This argument doesn't just apply to video games, There are pro-poker players who make their living playing in tournaments. Magic: The Gathering has a large tournament setting as well with a few professional players. Hobby gaming is definately IN.

Steps on finding the perfect job:

1) Find something that you love to do.

2) get someone to pay you to do it.

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ya gaming is a serious like call of duty and ghost recon future soldier

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haha oh please, i enjoy gaming and all that but seriously, a profession? now that's just sad.

like i said, i love playing games but how would that even work? yeah instead of watching the hockey match this sunday i'll watch a couple of guys sitting in front of computers.


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