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Is globalization (the creation of a world wide supper state) a good thing

I can personally see benifits as well as dangers in such a prospect what do you think


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Globalization is here, whether we like it or not. Has it had a positive impact overall? I would argue yes, but it's not like there haven't been some losers as well. The real issue is that there's no way to stop globalization.

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hoehoe69(7) Disputed
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Nope, gives bureaucrats too much control over trade and laws of other nations. Just because it's "here" does not mean we need to be apart of it and the United states won't be anymore. With the election of Donald Trump we will see a quick change in how we represent our self's to the world. America before anyone else it's patriotism and it's good for you :)

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Theoretically: Possibly, maybe even yes.

In practice: No. Or at least not for a long time.

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If done right it could rest free america from the multinational corporate oligarchies enough to get universal health care, so our doctors are not selling our organs back to us. and we don't need to buy electricity from coal.

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Globalization is not the creation of a world wide state, its just globalized communication and economics.

Also, a world wide state would be terrible.

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First, globalization is not the creation of a super state.

Second, the creation of a super state or world government should be a nightmare.

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A multi-polar world has always historically been ridden with war and violence. A world government solves the problems caused by competing violence monopolies. If sufficient control is adapted it would also end crisis regarding nuclear weapons and geopolitics.

From an American standpoint it might seem horrible but the case is harder to make in Somalia or Kongo. A world super state is the ideal model for anyone who believes history has anything to say about human nature.

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A world government solves the problems caused by competing violence monopolies.

Wrong, factions would emerge, there is no way that an world government would end an crisis regarding nuclear weapons, it would only enhance it due to the instability and disloyalty.

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