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Is grade 12/13 more inmature than grade 9


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I think grade 12 are more immature than grade 9, because the way school system treats 17 or 19 year old like a younger teenager. treating them like a child makes them think is okay to act immature. I met a lot of grade 12 and 5th year who do silly things and say silly things. They are worst than they were in grade 9. The statistic shows that young man take a gap year mainly for sports and immaturity.

Nowadays they are eliminating Victory Lap, reduce the maximum credit from 38 to 34. 5th year student can take 1 class in 1st semester and 1 class in second semester or 2 class only in 1st semester. Fortunately they are getting rid of 18 year old in high school.

The School cutoff age should be instead of December 31st, it should be March 1st. That way there be a lot less 18 year old in high school

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Generally speaking, no, I do not think that high school seniors are more immature than 9th graders.

What exactly is Grade 13, anyway? I have never heard that term used.

Or are you referring to College freshman?

I DO however have little doubt that there are surely a few students in Grade 12 that ARE more immature than some of your more mature student in the 9th Grade. This would be for the most part an exception, however, and not the rule.

There is a tendency for students to become more mature as they advance. Both intellectually and emotionally. But again, exceptions are seen. And that is due to a variety of reasons. Some of them being outside of the school's control, such as mental instability and coming from a dysfunctional or under-supervised home.

Hope this helps.


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ProLogos(2794) Disputed
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Don't take it so literally.

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I totally agree with you here, I think grade 12 is acting more silly than grade 9.

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Grade 12 in USA is grade 13 for the British system of schooling.

In the British school, grade 1 is started at the age of 5 in USA it is started at the age of 6.

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Ledger17-24(33) Clarified
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In Canada grade 12 is age 17-18, but grade 13 is age 18-19. Which grade 13 is already removed in 2003. Now grade 13 is called a Victory Lap/5th year is for student who are not ready for to go to college/university/work for some reason

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Ledger17-24(33) Clarified
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Grade 13 is fifth year of high school, there are few student take an extra year of high school after they are graduating. Is not college freshman, by the way its Canada

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