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Is hellfire Real?

It is not real

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Not at all. It is only real to Christians and Muslims. Even the Jews don't believe in that utter nonsense of hellfire. The Jews are at least smart and even claim that they do not know what truly happens after death. Not to mention that Islam and Christianity originated from the Jewish doctrine as both believe in the Torah. There is no evidence for hellfire. Please show me evidence that hellfire exists if it indeed exists. The bible and Qur'an CLAIM that hellfire exists but of course, have no evidence to back up their claims for these contentions.

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Yeah for religious people it is. Since death is unknown. They believe on some asumption so that their living on earth makes sense, commonly the elders believe hellfire coz they are the one who are near to death.

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So it's not real, but people believe in it because it comforts them about death. That sounds like the entire reasoning behind heaven, even christianity itself. Not real.

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