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Is homosexuality a sin or a win?


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It's more like a bad luck and error in your development .

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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Our society has deemed it bad luck, it would not be bad luck through the simple act of not being assholes toward people based on their sexuality.

As for an error, how so? If you mean the mechanics of reproduction those are still there, at least to the extent the mechanics are present in straight people.

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Banana_Slug(845) Clarified
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It's a thing that makes them somehow broken, no point in saying that they are 100%, they simply aren't, it's an anomaly but that does not makes them any less human.

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Hey! It's Spock! That's not only gay it's intergalactiality!

More importantly I can't wait for the next Star Trek.

But yeah, why anyone cares if someone is gay is puzzling. It's... illogical.

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I heard about this app called "Grinder" where gay men can find each other...

And of course most of them use it to have sex with a bunch of dudes.

Imagine how awesome orgies must be for gay dudes.

And on average, gay couples have the most sex (gay MALE couples that is.)

Really, Bi-sexuality would be the optimal lifestyle since it opens your sexual parameters, but considering how much men love sex and how open gay men are these days, being a gay male has to be awesome.

Us heteros, on the other hand, have to play the dating game. A twisted world of manipulation and emotional baggage.

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It is a win. It is also a spin. It could be a fin. But it is no sin.

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