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It's free. It's destined.
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Is human action freely performed by a human or destined?

Humans are made of various chemical substances. Human actions are performed by the brain and other parts, by reacting the chemicals in the brain, nerves and other parts. Chemical reactions in human body are complicated but made of a large number of simple chemical reactions. We know that if we mix two or three or more chemical reagents, the chemical reactions are determined. A human, as an aggregation of chemical reagents, if the chemical reagents are certain, their reactions should be certain, and human actions are certain, thus human actions are not freely performed and are destined. That means humans don't have the right to act freely. Is it true?

It's free.

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It's destined.

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Due to inherited traits we may be partially preprogramed to act or react predictably in certain situations.

However, as our genetic make-up will be a combination of two parents along with a degree of pedigree throw-backs our psyche' will be unique and free from, and not subject to, any form of predestined outcome.

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Is human action freely performed by a human or destined?

The notion of free will is illusory

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