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Is identity appropriation acceptable in the name of creative expression?

A number of writers, speakers, and other expressive artists will speak from identities which they do not personally possess. For example, a straight white male writing about a gay black woman. Under what conditions would this be acceptable, or is it even acceptable to begin with?


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I write about decent religious human beings all the time, I feel very entitled to do despite being an enraged satanist.

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What's the alternative? A novelist can only use one character, who is themself?

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Jace(5163) Clarified
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Good point. I should have probably posed this as a perspectives debate. What I was trying to get at was whether or not authors or other artists have a responsibility for researching the identities they portray in their work, and where a line might be drawn in what is permissible (if such a line should be drawn at all). To me, appropriation implies a certain lack of such responsibility. Does that clarify?

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I see. I think authors should do whatever research is necessary for realism, but I don't think there's a line to be drawn.

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Yes. Most writers don't want to write about themselves. They want to feel and expierience what its like to be something else and in writing you can do that.

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